Tile Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Would you love to have a wooden floor but are worried your pets or children may damage it? If so, tile may be the next best solution for you! After all, floors are a major investment that you should enjoy as long as possible. Take a look at our 80 beautiful wood tile choices available in our tile stores in Hollywood, Florida! Wood-look tile from a Tile Stores Hollywood Florida.

Why Choose Tile over Wood?

In truth, wood flooring is beautiful if it’s properly maintained. However, doing so can be challenging. Wood is a much softer material than porcelain or ceramic, two very common tile materials. Therefore, wood carries risks that tiles don’t have. Based on toughness alone, tile has superior scratch resistance. For starters, wood floors often squeak, and over time the problem worsens. This can be due to age, installation, and the surface beneath the floor. Furthermore, wood boards floors flex with weight. You can try hushing it with a rug, but then you’re covering up your new floor. Since tile doesn’t have any underfloor, loud creaks aren’t an issue, and there is no need to cover it! Secondly, if you’re looking to refloor your kitchen or bathroom, we don’t recommend wood. Water and wood don’t mix well. The more water in wood can discolor and cause the wood to expand and contrast, leading to warped boards. Additionally, cupping can occur which is when the center of the board droops lower than the edges. Thirdly, factor in time, effort, and money to periodically resurface your hardwood floor. This costly procedure will remove all the scratches, scuffs, and dings that are bound to afflict your wood floor over the many years of high-traffic use. With a wood-look floor, this expense would be unneeded.

Cons of hardwood floors:

    • Prone to damage
    • A challenge to clean
    • Higher installation costs
    • Allergenic
    • Humidity can cause damage
    • Wood Faux Tile Aesthetics
Porcelain wood tiles achieve their hyper-realistic look from LaserJet technology, which prints wood grain and textures on tile surfaces. If you weren’t standing on or feeling the floor beneath your feet, you might not know it was tile instead of wood.

Perks of tile floors include:

    • Stain resistance
    • Low maintenance
    • Water tolerance
    • Easy to clean
    • Increases resale value of your property
    • Among the most durable flooring materials

Do Wood-Look Tiles Have Grout Lines?

Yes. Anytime you have tile, you’ll have a grout line between the tiles. While you may find grout ugly, it provides many benefits. Grout plays a large part in the longevity of your new, shiny floor. Here’s how grout is so crucial for tile flooring:
    • Protects the substrate from moisture
    • It prevents tiles from rubbing against each other
    • Keeps tile lines straight
    • Hides minor size differences in your tile
With that all said, the amount you need for wood-look tiles is significantly lower than other tiles. All you need is a 1/8 line between each tile to ensure they stay in place, intact, and as straight as you laid them. Wood-look tile from a Tile Stores Hollywood Florida.

Looking for Tile Stores in Hollywood, Florida with a Large Tile Inventory?

If you like the easy maintenance, price, and durability of tile and the aesthetics of wood grain, you’re in luck! We have stock on over 80 variations of wood-looking tiles and hundreds of other choices. Contact us by phone or come into our store for expert tile assistance.