Choosing the Best Tile for Outdoor Use in Your Home

Thanks to the beautiful South Florida weather and the sunny skies, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time outside on your patio. Choosing tile for outdoor use is a little different than picking something out for your bathroom or kitchen, as you’ll have to consider that they will be exposed to harsh elements like the bright sun and the unpredictable rain. If you’re looking for outdoor tile flooring in West Palm Beach, Florida, D&B Tile Distributors can help guide you toward the right decision. We have numerous different types of tiles for you to choose from that are both high in quality and affordable. If you want to get an idea of what to look out for before you come to see us, take a look at our guide to outdoor tiles.

Outdoor Tile Characteristics to Consider

Slip Resistance

The weather in South Florida might be nice most of the time, but it can also rain – a lot. So, you’ll want a tile that has some slip resistance, because the last thing you’ll want to deal with is slipping and falling on your way inside. This factor is what eliminates some tile from being an excellent outdoor option immediately.


Other than the harsh weather conditions and the hot summer heat, there’s also probably going to be a lot of heavy traffic on your outdoor tile. This could be family cookouts, kids playing around, or many other fun activities. You’ll want a tile that can hold up for many years without a bunch of unsightly scratches, chips, and cracks.


Outdoor patios and walkways can be reasonably large areas, and you might not initially be thinking about that when you’re picking out your tile. When you find out exactly how much square footage you’ll be covering, you might be shocked by the price, especially if you choose one of the more expensive options, like stone. Porcelain and ceramic are more inexpensive options that still provide a great look. Make sure to plan out a budget and figure out how that will correlate to the space that needs covering.

Color and Style

Arriving at a great color and style is the difference between an ordinary patio and one standing above the rest. It’s important to match the surrounding architecture while still giving it enough space to leave its own unique statement. Color is also significant, based on the amount of sunshine. If you’ll be placing the tile in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, it’s probably best to go with a darker color to prevent the flooring from looking washed out. Similarly, consider a lighter color in an area with much shade to brighten up the darkness. Concorde Marvel Stone Clauzetto Cardoso

Looking for Outdoor Tile Flooring in West Palm Beach, Florida?

If you’re looking for outdoor tile for your patio or walkway, make sure to plan out precisely what you want so you’ll be able to get the best look for the best price. D&B Tile Distributors have a wide variety of outdoor tile to choose from, and we’re ready to help you out with the entire process, from selection to installation. Contact us today to get started with your new tile project!