Tile Pompano Beach FL | Why Your Wall and Floor Tile is Cracking

Tile, because of its durability, appealing look, and easy maintenance has become a very popular choice material for floors and walls. However, like any material applied on a heavily-trafficked surface, your tile may eventually crack. What will you do when this happens? The first thing to do is to locate the cause. If you attempt to fix the tile without identifying and solving the underlying problem, cracks can return or increase and your repair may only be temporary. There are several causes and reasons why your tile Pompano Beach FL may crack. In most cases, the problem is not with the tile but with the material below the tile.

Received a Sharp Blow

This happens usually in areas where heavy objects such as cans, pans, and pots get dropped. Ceramic tiles frequently break and doorways are another common spot for impact-related tile cracks as items may be dropped while opening the door.

Installed on Improperly Spaced Joists

Less deflection is better with tile. Wood is flexible while the tile is rigid. So if you have a floor with flex, your tile will suffer in the long run.

The Concrete Substrate Did Not Cure Long Enough

If you have a new home with cracked tile, there’s a huge possibility that the concrete did not cure long enough. Newly poured concrete is full of water and as the concrete cures, the water evaporates, causing the concrete to shrink. The Tile Council of America recommends that you let the new concrete cure for at least 28 days before installing the tile.

Preventing Tile Cracks

There are precautions that you can take to prevent tile cracking in the future. For a concrete subfloor, it is very important to add steel reinforcing bars when the concrete slab is poured. Steel reinforcing bars will prevent the formation of cracks in the concrete. As for a wooden subfloor, ensure the wood is resistant to sagging or bending. If not, the tile could crack when walked on. Use a ¾” plywood sheeting to reinforce the subfloor. who offers the best tile pompano beach fl?

Need Quality Tile Pompano Beach FL?

Tile is extremely durable but occasional cracks could occur. If your tile is cracking, contact a tile Pompano Beach FL expert from D&B Tile to determine the cause of the cracking and how you can deal with it. Contact us at D&B Tile today or visit our showroom for our complete tile selection.