Looking for New Tile and Don't Know Where to Start?

Whether you’re buying a new home, inheriting a project, or looking to transform your interior to fit your vision, tile is critical in bringing a room together. If this is your first time making a tile purchase, finding the right tile stores can be daunting if you don't know what to look for. D&B Tile Distributors brings you insider knowledge of the industry to help make your decision easier. Here's what you should look for:

Experience of an Industry Leader

When making any purchase from a vendor, their expertise and longevity in the business are directly correlated to reliability. There's incredibly valuable information you can only get from professionals who have been in the tile industry for decades and have seen every scenario you can imagine. What does experience mean for your tile-buying experience?
  • They'll know more about tile than you could ever learn to from a Google search
  • They can tell you what works for your case because chances are, they’ve seen it before
  • Peace of mind that the products are backed by years of industry understanding

An Extensive Inventory

You can get a sense of how many options a tile store will have by quickly browsing their website. When you are tackling a project that requires new tile, you may have an idea of what type of tile you’re looking for, but you’d be surprised at how often expectation doesn’t match reality. Sometimes flooring is glossier than you could tell by the picture, or the thickness might not match what you're looking for. Going to store with a large inventory ensures that even if your initial vision doesn’t match reality, you will still find a suitable alternative. An expansive inventory is also a sign that the location has relationships with many distributors, meaning an opportunity to obtain specialty-made tile for more custom projects.

Design Services

Sometimes your vision for your home is unique, and there are no templates for the look you want to achieve. When choosing a tile vendor, confirm that they offer custom design services. Although the actual product might be pricier because of the specifications, many locations offer free custom design as part of their services. Shop around for a store with experience in this realm to turn your dream into a reality. state of grace in delray

Associated with Contractors

This is another tell-tale sign of longevity and industry leadership. Established tile-providers will have deep roots in the industry, which includes relationships with trusted contractors. When choosing where you're buying your tile, this is a good sign for two reasons:
  1. They won’t refer you to a contractor that will make their brand look bad – there’s a vested interest in your satisfaction with the installation as well as the look of the tile.
  2. Those contractors will have familiarity with the product, increasing the chances of a successful installation.
An additional benefit of having associated contractors is that it makes your job a little easier. Instead of shopping around for tile and then spending time finding a contractor, this combination allows for an efficient one-stop-shopping experience. where is the best tile stores hollywood florida?

Still Looking for a Reliable Tile Store in Hollywood, Florida?

D&B Tile Distributors checks all the boxes for your tile buying experience. We have been industry leaders for nearly six decades, as one of the biggest tile companies in the country our inventory is unmatched. And, we have over 30 associated contractors. For all your tile needs, give us a call, we got you covered.