Understanding 3D Printed Homes

Given our mission to sell the highest-quality tile flooring in Miami and throughout the rest of South Florida, it likely comes as no surprise that we here at D&B Tile are committed to working with the best suppliers in the industry. 

Laticrete® is one of those suppliers. Today, we wanted to discuss how they’ve revolutionized the industry with 3D printing mortar, which has enabled homebuilders to construct 3D printed homes. 

3D printing construction allows for tile flooring miami

How Does 3D Printing Construction Work? 

3D printing is one part of the greater ConTech movement, which endeavors to incorporate technology into construction processes. 

To start, the construction crew sets up the wall alignment. The gantry printer then pours out the concrete layer by layer, making turns as necessary to create both the corners and the walls. It can also leave space for electrical and plumbing systems. 

3D printing can’t create the entire building by itself. To take an example, Habitat Arizona used 3D printing to create 70-80% of a home. The construction crew then finished off the rest of the project. 

Why People Are Excited About 3D Printing 

3D printing isn’t going to replace other forms of construction, but it does come with some significant advantages. These benefits are particularly important for organizations like Habitat for Humanity, which endeavor to build homes as cost-effectively as possible in order to maximize their efforts. 

Here are two of the reasons why organizations devoted to affordable housing have been some of the earliest adapters of this technology: 

  • Faster Construction – 3D printing speeds up the process, even allowing outlets to be installed while walls are still being built. 
  • Reduced Costs – 3D printing reduces the amount of material that needs to be used. 

3D printers also allow for greater creativity from designers. To take an example, designers have long wanted to construct a house with a “true Fibonacci curve.”  

Are People Currently Living in 3D Homes? 

Yes! 3D printing in construction is past the R&D phase; it’s now being used for homes that people live in. The first 3D printed home was created in 2015, and in fact the Fibonacci House is even listed on Airbnb. 

The Fibonacci House was in Canada, while the first 3D printed home is from Russia. However, 3D printing has come to the States. In fact, Florida’s first 3D printed home was built just last year. 

How Else Can 3D Printing Be Used to Beautify Your Home? 

One of the great things about 3D printing is its ability to produce so many kinds of objects. Depending on the printer you get, you may choose to use it to create all kinds of home décor. An interior designer can help you determine what would best fit your home’s aesthetic.

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