The Decorative Side of Tile Can Become Wall Art

 GRB0464-1Tiles mainly serve as functional or decorative pieceson the floor. For kitchens, tiles blend into back splashes, islands, and ceilings. In bathrooms, tiles cover walls and ceilings. Focusing more on the decorative side of tile, it can become wall art.Murals and accents are examples of decorative tile.

Muralsplace a bunch of tiles together to create a breathtaking, decorative picture. The tiles resemble assembled puzzle pieces unveiling a beautiful picture. However, tile keeps its square shape. The size of tile can range from four large tiles to several smaller ones. Placing several tiles side by side creates fun possibilities. Even more interesting is mixing and matching different tile designs.

Glass mosaictiles bring the transparency of glass with a selected photo for a majestic masterpiece. Durable, long lasting and upkeep free, glass tile provides a 3D effect, making it more realistic than standard mosaic tile. There's no wrong way to see it, as the front and back creates a symmetric effect. Since glass works with any home decor, place it anywhere in the home. Treat it as decoration, add it to countertops and backsplashes, or install it on the floor. The possibilities are endless. GRB0892-1

Some decorative pieces don't resemble a picture. It resembles an abstract design from the simplistic to the detailed. Like murals, these accent pieces become a beautiful piece of art upon assembly. Other accent pieces line the four walls with a never-ending picture or design. It's usually at near the ceiling, above the door, or at eye level. The remaining accent pieces cover one wall or circle a focal feature. The one line is stunning, and it brings the entire wall or concentrated piece to the forefront.

Wall art tile is a great conversation piece. Because your eyes connect with the wall art first, it makes the room pop and stand out. The focal point is so striking and attractive, you won't leave the room again. Contact us for more information about possibility adding custom wall art to your kitchen or bathroom