Wall Tile: It's Not For Flooring

wall tile in kitchen backsplashWall tile is typically composed of ceramic, and it is the most fragile of the many different types of tile that are available for residential and commercial use. Wall tile is ideal for shower surrounds, and it is also an excellent choice for backsplash installations, full wall applications or chair rail and wainscot decor elements. Wall tile is available in many unique shapes, colors and styles, and three-dimensional patterns provide additional interest and texture to your home. If you appreciate colorful decorative tile, you'll enjoy a wide selection of patterns and colors that add unique beauty to your home. From classic natural stone and reclaimed wood offerings from Norstone to stunning glass mosaics from Bati Orient, the D&B Tile showrooms are sure to have something that suits your style. Because soft ceramic tile chips or cracks when exposed to heavy use, you should never use tile designed for walls as a flooring surface. Ceramic tile that is specifically designed for floors is typically fired to a temperature that gives it greater strength. Porcelain tile is ceramic that has been high-fired to a state of vitreosity, and the non-porous result makes porcelain tile an ideal flooring surface in terms of strength and waterproofing. It is important to note that wall tile installed in wet areas - such as a shower surround - requires a waterproof substrate. There are a variety of substrate materials that are appropriate, including backerboards, paint-on liquid or sheet-applied waterproofing membranes. Ceramic tile and grout also require surface waterproofing with application of a penetrating sealer. D&B Tile Distributors offers a wide selection of wall tile, waterproofing materials, adhesives and sealants; you'll find everything you need when you visit any of our nine South Florida tile showrooms.