In South Florida Porcelain Tile Rules

Ilva Ego Commercial RoomToday's homeowners are bombarded with a visual assault of ads describing all sorts of flooring options including laminates, carpeting and an assortment of no-name, close-out tiles from unknown manufacturers. Those who make their decisions based on price alone may be setting themselves up for long-term disappointment and frustration.

Without question, Porcelain tile is considered an all­ purpose tile. It can be placed in any room that undergoes any level of traffic. As a subtype of ceramic flooring, it has all the great qualities of ceramic available, with even more to offer. Porcelain tile is exceptionally durable. It can weather high-traffic areas easily, and it is even used in many commercial jobs including airports and malls. While the home may not necessarily need a tile this heavy-duty, it is considered an excellent investment as it will last for decades to come.

In addition to being incredibly durable, Porcelain is also versatile. With new technological advances in the manufacturing process, Porcelain tile is now created in a variety of unlimited designs to please everyone. One popular sty le is the wood Galleri Image 8look Porcelain tile. It has the appearance of a classic hardwood but much more durability. With porcelain’s low porosity, it is a great option for any room in the house. It can easily be placed in a bathroom without the worry of warping or adhesive stains. It can also be used as a decorative back splash behind a kitchen oven or sink.

In addition, Porcelain tile can be made to resemble, natural stone, marble and even slate. D&B Tile Distributors has been serving south Florida for more than 50 years and stocks a wide range of tiles made in America as well as many from Europe, including Italy and Spain as well as a large selection of tiles from South America. Every line of tile offered by D&B Tile is carefully scrutinized by our management to validate quality control, availability, durability and service after the sale.

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