When Is the Best Time of Year for Home Renovations?

At our tile stores in Miami and the rest of South Florida, we provide tile to homeowners, contractors, and more. This means we see projects completed during each season of the year.   

There are countless factors that go into deciding what time of year you want to do renovations: you could want them as soon as possible, or in time for a big party. That said, each season comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Today, we’ll discuss what you should know when choosing the time of year to get renovations.

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The Seasons 


Fall is often an excellent time of year to renovate. Contractors are less likely to be busy than they are during the summer months, but you also don’t have to worry about interrupting your home during the holidays. 

If you’re a snowbird, you’ve likely already spent a bit of time in your home this year, which means you’ll be more likely to spot any areas that you’d like to renovate. When in doubt, we always recommend replacing carpet with tile! 


Winter is the least popular time of year to renovate, which makes sense. People want to celebrate the holidays with their families, and if there are any children, they’re likely to get time off for Christmas. 

That said, this lull of activity means it can be much easier to find a contractor to work on your project. The fact that we’re in Florida also means you won’t have to worry about snow disrupting construction. 


Spring can be a great time of year for a home renovation project. Snowbirds are often looking to leave the state around this time, which means they’ll want to wrap up any renovations they’ve started. 

That said, contractors can get busier as spring wears on. This brings us to summer. 


Summer is a popular season for home renovations, and it’s not difficult to see why. There are all kinds of things you and your family can do while the construction occurs, such as going on vacation or even simply spending more time in your backyard. 

People also often want to have renovations done in time for the holidays. Summer is the last chance to make that happen. 

That said, because this time of year is so convenient, it also tends to be one of the busiest for contractors. You might have more difficulty finding a contractor during this time. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Time of Year to Remodel or Renovate Your Home

While the above considerations are all useful generalizations, there are also some factors specific to your project you’ll want to consider: 

  • Whether the project is inside or outside – Outdoor renovations are more vulnerable to things like rain, which can slow down a project. Indoor renovations are less subject to these considerations. 
  • When you want a project done by – Sometimes, homeowners want to show off their home during a specific event, like New Year’s Eve. In that case, the event is more important than generalities about the seasons. 
  • Whether this is your only home – Some snowbirds want to live elsewhere while renovations occur. Others like being close at hand to watch the progress. Regardless, owning a second home can change your timeline. 

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