Where Does the US Get Its Tile From?

As a tile store, we work with the best suppliers to ensure you get the right tile from your home. That said, before a contractor can install bathroom tiles in Hollywood, Florida, that tile has to be manufactured and shipped to the states. 

TCNA’s 2Q 2022 U.S. Ceramic Tile Market Update offers an interesting perspective on the industry, allowing us to see how much tile is imported to the US from various countries, as well as showing where we export our tile. Today, we’ll break down the report and highlight tiles from major importers.

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Who Are the Biggest Exporters of Tile to the United States? 

According to TCNA’s 2Q report: 

  • Spain exports the largest amount of tile when measured by the square foot, having sent us 216,320,779 sq. ft. during the quarter. 
  • Italy exports the second largest amount of tile when measured by the square foot, having sent us 183,045,485 sq. ft. 
  • Mexico exports the third largest amount of tile when measured by the square foot, having sent us 171,880,307 sq. ft. during the quarter. 

Italy, Spain, and Mexico are also the three biggest exporters to the United States when looking at the total US $ value of tile imported. That said, Italy exports a greater value of tile to us than Spain. 

Although it’s largely outside the purview of this post, it’s also interesting to note that the United States also exports a significant amount of tile. Canada receives the largest amount of it, 62.1%, while 27.6% of our tile goes to Mexico. 

Spanish, Italian, and Mexican Tile at D&B Tile 

Spanish Tile 

Spanish tile is popular in Florida, especially for homes built in the Mediterranean style. The large format tiles are probably the most well-known, but there is also a strong history of decorative tile in the region. 

Kertiles, originally known as Kermarble, was founded by Juan Marcos Jimenez with the goal of bringing Spanish tile to the United States. They’ve been doing so for decades, over multiple generations. 

Mexican Tile 

There’s a lot of overlap between the design of Mexican tiles and Spanish tiles, and homeowners wanting a room in the Mediterranean style will likely want to look at tile from both regions. 

That said, there are some materials that can be found in Mexico which aren’t as common in Spain. Travertine, for instance, is commonly sourced from Mexico or Peru. 

Italian Tile 

Italy is well-known for its luxurious tile. While you’re likely already familiar with the country’s strong relationship with marble, it’s also a leader when it comes to porcelain. 

We’re proud to work with several luxury Italian tile suppliers. Atlas Concorde, for instance, is a benchmark player in the industry, bringing Italian innovation and style to the rest of the world. 

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