Why Subway Tile Is a Popular Choice for Kitchen Backsplashes

In case our kitchen backsplash tile calculator didn’t make it clear, we sell a lot of tile. This means we’ve seen a lot of backsplash trends over time. So, if you’re looking for the best tiles stores in Hollywood, Florida, D&B is the place to be. Throughout it all, subway tile is a perennial favorite. In fact, interior designer Karen Denunzio recently gave us a glowing testimonial because of the Keros subway tile she bought from us. Below, we’ll discuss why subway tile is such a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, as well as explaining how you can choose the subway tiles that are right for your kitchen. Tile Stores Hollywood Florida for Kitchen Backsplashes

What Is Subway Tile?

As the name suggests, subway tiles were first named and popularized due to them being used in subway stations in the early twentieth century. These tiles were typically white or black, at a standardized 3x6 size. Of course, buying subway tile in the 21st century isn’t quite the same thing as buying it in NYC in the 20th. Your options for the material used are much vaster, and include:
  • Ceramic
  • Copper
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Steel
They also come in a variety of different colors.

Why Is Subway Tile Such a Popular Choice for Kitchen Backsplashes?

Subway tile comes with several advantages. The first is its durability. Subway tiles feature very thin grout lines, which mean they’re easier to clean than may other forms of tile. Depending on the type of material used, you may not even need to get it sealed, though we recommend speaking with your tile store and/or interior designer before making that choice. The second is its versatility. You have the aforementioned variations available when it comes to color and material. Furthermore, some choose to mix-and-match different colors to give their backsplash a vibrant look. We also don’t want to discount the affordability of subway tile, which makes it a great fit if other parts of your project are running overbudget.

What Type of Subway Tile Is Best for Kitchen Backsplashes?

The type of subway tile you choose will vary based on the needs of your kitchen, but glass and ceramic are the most popular styles. Some people also like varying from the traditional tiles. Sometimes they do this by choosing a different size, or arranging them in different patterns. Herringbone, for instance, is a popular look. You can also choose to counterbalance that with wild colors or eye-catching patterns. Conversely, you can choose to lean into that old-world sensibility. This is why some interior designers are so fond of subway tiles with uneven edges, which simultaneously lean into the old-world style while also giving the tiles a less uniform look. If you’re struggling to determine whether subway tile is right for you, it’s useful to remember that it often brings with it a sense of classicism and nostalgia. Dating back to 1912, subway tile can be seen in popularized photo collections or paintings by artists like Botero. We grew up with this classic tile style and bringing it into your home welcomes the memories that come with it. Subway Tile Stores Hollywood Florida

Looking for Subway Tile Stores in Hollywood, FL?

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