Barnwood . . . It's Home Friendly Too!

Real Reclaimed Wood is the very latest and greatest architectural finish trending today. If you’re looking for something truly unique for your next project then come in to discover Everitt & Schilling’s ALL-NEW Nokomis Reclaimed Barnwood Tile, now on display at D&B. You won’t believe how simple and easy this new tile can install & transform your entire project!

Part of E&S’ Rawhide series, the Nokomis has a softer color palette and more flattened profile than their Barnwood series which is why it’s perfect for that Rustic-Modern look. As you can see in this recent backsplash installation, the beautiful palette of grey and fire orange is a stunning look that can translate into a myriad of applications and the clean lines of the 3”x18” planks of the Nokomis pattern pair well with the contemporary cabinetry and overall design. Adjusting to a wide range of color and design schemes, this versatile tile invites you to design outside the box.

These handmade tiles are created from reclaimed barnwood in Colorado and Wyoming that has seen the seasons and time change across the vast plains of the American West. Weathered and worn by the extreme exposure of the environment, the artisans at Everitt & Schilling have taken this beautiful material and imagined a product that captures the beauty of the West but has also made it accessible to the market place with its revolutionary backing system and design patterns. All E&S wood tile products are handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado, and are installed in 1sf tiles, easily mounted to any surface with thinset or construction adhesive– and no demolition required.

Seeing and feeling this product in person is the best way to understand its uniqueness and be inspired, so stop by your local D&B store where several large feature wall installations have been created in recent weeks. Wood Tile is a new category of tile and D&B and Everitt & Schilling are happy to be pairing up to deliver these unique products to the South Florida market. For more information on E&S products, stop into one of our showrooms or contact your local D&B Tile rep to see a display today!