Atlas Concorde 24x24 Eldorado Rectified Porcelain Tile Provides Classic Styling

Denise Silk is a realtor in South Florida. When she works with clients who need upgrades or remodeling advice, she tells them to avoid the trendy products and to choose the classic styles. When it came time to replace the tile in her Delray Beach home, she took her own advice. “Before going to D&B Tile, I visited some of your competitors. My installer advised me to go for quality first. Went to the D&B store in Delray and spoke with Zsak Vincente who provided excellent service. He gave me a number of samples to take home and, working in conjunction with a professional stager, I carefully evaluated each one. I poured red wine on them and used a felt tip pen to see how easily they could be cleaned. I knew that I wanted a matte finish and found everything to fit my needs in the Atlas Concorde Eldorado 24x24 line. “In my opinion, this isn't a trendy tile. It has a classic look that will not fade in its appeal. I tell all of my sellers to choose décor that is not trendy unless you are expecting to sell soon. Try to pick something more classic and it will give you a better return on your investment. This line of porcelain tile has no date stamp. “What I didn't want was to drop something and have it damage the tile. I needed good quality and I'm impressed with this line of tile. I didn't shop based on price but rather on quality. As a realtor, I know that you can purchase from the big box stores and it will look good for a year or two. It's the old saying that you get what you pay for. We worked with a tile contractor that we have used before and he did a wonderful job. We've used him for a number of projects. “We have a pool and a lot of rain in the area. I am so impressed with the finish on this tile. It has a slight matte feel to it and is extremely comfortable to walk on. Neighbors and friends have seen this and we certainly have recommended D&B to all of them. This tile, in particular, will work with almost any style of furnishings. It just has that classic look that will not go out of style.” Atlas Concorde's administrative, commercial and production site is in Italy. However, it also has production facilities in Franklin TN, Moscow, Beijing, and Paris, France. The European logo of environmental quality certifies compliance with the European environmental criteria and is only given to products that, compared to those of competitors, have a low environmental impact. Ecolabel is a quality award that identifies and promotes the most eco-friendly products. The entire product lifecycle is evaluated to determine the impact on the environment, from the extraction of raw materials (including the selection of suppliers), through manufacturing, distribution (including packaging) and product use, until the final disposal. The parameters examined in greatest detail are energy consumption, the level of pollution the product adds to water and air, environmental safety and the level of pollutants added to the soil. Atlas Concorde has been one of the first ceramic tile manufacturers to have been awarded the Ecolabel mark. A further evidence of the company’s eco-sustainable policy. You can view this beautiful line of Italian tile in any of the nine conveniently located D&B Tile stores in South Florida. Remember that the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile. Photography and article by G. Richard Booth 954-295-2154.