Purchase, Shipping/Delivery and Return Policy

D&B Tile Distributors has over 50 years experience in handling tile and allied products. Below is our Purchase, Shipping/Delivery and Return Policy. If you have any questions, please contact your nearest D&B Tile location.

1.     In-Store pick up.

2.     United Parcel Service (UPS): Packages less than 18” and less than 65 lbs.

3.     Local Delivery Truck: This service is available in South Florida only.

4.     LTL (Freight): Shipments out of the local delivery area.

5.     Container/Truckload: Shipments with more than 12,000 lbs or export shipments. Contact a D&B Tile representative for details.

Expedited shipments are available at additional costs. Contact a D&B Tile representative for details.

Lead Times

D&B Tile has a large variety of products from local, national and international sources. Most orders can ship in 3-10 business days. You will receive confirmation of your lead time(s) when the order is placed.

Delivery Schedule

All local deliveries will be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance, with a 4-hour delivery window, Monday to Friday. UPS packages and Freight shipments will be confirmed with a tracking number and delivery times can only be an estimate. If expedited service is purchased, you will be given a tracking number and the delivery time.

Order Quantity  

Clients are advised to purchase approximately 15-20% more tiles than the calculated area to be covered. This extra amount is necessary to account for breakage, cuts, and any adjustments needed during the installation process. Final measurements must be confirmed by your tile contractor. 

Breakage, Cuts, and Shipping 

During the installation process, tiles may break or need to be cut to fit the layout properly. Additionally, there is a risk of damage during shipping. It is essential to have additional tiles on hand to complete the installation without unnecessary delays. The recommended extra 15-20% tiles should account for breakage, cuts, and any potential damage during shipping. 

Layout Adjustments 

Adjustments to the tile layout may be necessary during installation to account for walls that are not perfectly straight, corners that are not perfectly square, or other irregularities in the installation surface. 

Tile Variation 

Porcelain tiles may have slight variations in size, color, and pattern. It is recommended to mix tiles from different boxes during installation to achieve a more natural and harmonious appearance. 


Clients are responsible for arranging the installation of the tiles. D&B Tile does not provide installation services and is not responsible for any issues arising from the installation process. 


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have ordered enough tiles to complete their project, considering the recommendations in this policy. D&B Tile is not responsible for any delays or additional costs incurred due to an insufficient quantity of tiles being ordered. 


D&B Tile strongly recommends that you do not schedule your installation until after you have received your order. D&B Tile and its representatives cannot be held liable for failure to meet scheduled installation dates due to delivery. All Shortages or damages must be reported at the time of or delivery. 


Carefully inspect your materials at the time of the delivery. 

All deliveries are “CURBSIDE DROP”, unloading the material where the driver can safely park. The driver is not allowed to bring the material by hand into your home or business. Make sure to have someone at the delivery address at the scheduled time. If you are not at the delivery site, the driver will go to the next stop, and your delivery will be rescheduled with additional charges. 

You must inform the driver of any discrepancies and/or damages at the time of delivery and make note of them on the delivery receipt. Call your D&B Tile representative or tile store manager immediately while the driver is at your delivery location. You will be instructed to email your D&B Tile representative and store manager your claim. If you are claiming damaged materials, a picture must be submitted with your email. See our damaged goods policy. We will review the ups and freight carrier policies. 

Returns Policy

All returns require prior approval by a manager or authorized representative. 

Once an order has been shipped, D&B Tile will charge all applicable shipping fees as part of the return. The customer is responsible for all outgoing and shipping costs. Restocking fees will also be charged. See our return policy.

Clients may return unused and undamaged tiles in the original packaging and in sellable condition within 30 days of purchase. A restocking fee of 25% will apply to all returns. Custom orders and clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned. Please note that returns are only allowed if the material is available and in stock in the same shade at the time of the return. 

In-Store Pickup

D&B Tile has four South Florida locations for your convenient in-store. Make sure you have received your confirmation that the order is ready for. For security you will need your order number and a picture ID that matches your billing name.

If you will have a third-party pick up your order, email your D&B Tile representative complete details of the person picking up your order. They will need to bring the order number and a picture ID before D&B Tile will release the order.

Exporting Services

D&B Tile is not a freight forwarding company. We will coordinate with your freight forwarder and deliver your order to their warehouse in our local delivery area. If your freight forwarders’ warehouse is not in our local delivery area, we will provide you with a quote from a freight carrier. Export shipments can be subject to additional duty fees, brokerage fees and taxes, which are paid by the customer.

Sample Orders

Samples may take 5-10 business days to arrive. Contact your D&B Tile representative if you need expedited service.

Special Orders

The individual item details page will provide you with information on special order lead times. Incoming freight charges may be charged in addition to the charges for shipping to your location on special order items.

Storage Fees

D&B Tile will hold your order in storage for 30 days, at no additional cost, after the order has been confirmed to be ready. Additional time will incur a $5.00 a day storage fee for a maximum of 90 days in storage.

Fuel Surcharge

All orders will be charged a $0.99 fuel surcharge which is additional to any delivery or freight charges.

Package and Handling

Charges for special packaging and handling will be charged in addition to delivery or freight charges.

Acceptance of Policies 

This policy is subject to our Terms of Service. By using our services and agreeing to our Purchase, Shipping, Damage and Return Policy, you are also bound by our Terms of Service. Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms of Service, which outline the conditions and requirements for using our services.