Tile Measurement Guide

For tile projects you’ll need to calculate the square footage of the space as well as the linear footage for any trim.

Let’s start with a square foot which is 144 inches. A square foot is the length (12 inches) x the width (12 inches) – which gives us 144 inches.

ONE SQUARE FOOT (144 inches) = LENGTH (12 inches) x WIDTH (12 inches)

Next we’ll walk through calculating the square footage and linear footage of a space. Our formulas for those are:

SQUARE FOOTAGE = LENGTH x WIDTH / 144 (all measurements must be in inches)

LINEAR FOOTAGE = LENGTH / 12 (all measurements must be in inches)

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Our team of tile experts is always here to help with your project, whether that is ensuring you have the right measurements, helping you select the right installation materials, or troubleshooting issues. Reach out to your closest tile showroom location and we’ll be glad to help!