Atlas Concorde from D&B Featured in Major Bathroom Remodel in Jupiter Farms

“Francie and David Cowen are long-time clients of my company. They decided to move into this home in Jupiter Farms to accommodate her parents.
They took the upstairs and transformed it to fit their need for a master bedroom and master bathroom. One of the prerequisites was to have a wet room with a tub and shower combined. It was not a large space. They needed to add a large closet, toilet room and space for two sinks,” said Suzi Addessa, Designer on the project.
Before Before
“Space was confined and we needed a minimum shower to make it functional. The customer wanted an urban look with clean lines and proper texture for the bathroom area and that was it. We brought samples in from D&B and made the selections. In their previous home, the customer loved the D&B tiles used which was a porcelain rectified plank tile from Atlas Concorde. We used that in the master bedroom and bath. In the bath, there was an issue with the spout and we had to create the chaise in the wall with the accent tile to bring the faucet out of that space.
After After
“Everything up to that point was all builder grade. We had to tear out tile, carpet, and walls. My tile installer was Danny Specialty Tile-based out of West Palm Beach. We had to move plumbing around but it was all managed. Color and texture were the main points to cover. I’m loyal to Atlas because they are reliable and their tiles are rectified and perfectly straight, which assures a great look in the installation. “The entire project went well. Everything was delivered as promised. We did have some scheduling problems because we couldn’t get into the house to measure until the previous owner closed on the house.
“My company listens to the client and remembers that we are designing for them not us. We also pay attention to the budget and use quality vendors I can trust. We work together as a team and solve problems that always come up in renovations. Everyone that has seen the finished project is duly impressed. Everyone who worked on the project was very professional, which certainly makes my life easier. “These are the same subcontractors I have worked with for years. I try to keep the same team. Architect on the project was Perry & Gonzalez Architecture. The electrical contractor was BP Electric. The plumbing contractor was Dixie Plumbing and, of course, the tile all came from D&B Tile Distributors.
The project was virtually exclusively from Atlas Concorde. The master bedroom and bathroom floors were porcelain Atlas Concorde Redeem Ash 8 x 40 planks. The wetroom walls were Atlas Concorde Fray 12x24. The shower floor was a 2x2 Pearl Mosaic along with Atlas 12x12 sheet. Atlas Concorde is a global complex, and capable of meeting the specific demands of strategic markets worldwide. Atlas Concorde USA offers American tradition and design made in Italy. The company has headquarters in Modena, Italy with branches in Tennessee, Paris, France, and Moscow, Russia. To see these beautiful tiles as well as a complete selection of tile, marble, and stone from America and around the world, be sure to visit any of our eight conveniently located stores serving South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.