Bathroom Remodeling Palm Beach | Benefits of Bringing Your Shower into the Future

When it comes to bathroom remodeling Palm Beach, fewer things are more critical than the shower. It is the focal point of any bathroom, is used practically every day, and plays a vital role in the overall value of the property in general. Having an updated, functional, and attractive shower can be the difference between your showers being enjoyable or a chore. Thankfully, with Laticrete’s HYDRO BAN Shower Installation System getting the shower of your dreams doesn’t have to be a chore.

Easy to Install

Aside from how incredible it looks and how well it drains, the most significant convenience about the HYDRO BAN Shower Kit is how easy it is installed. The pieces are preformed, removing the need for a mud bed or pan liner. Each piece comes pre-equipped with a factory-installed drain that can be easily modified on site. In addition to that, everything is tile-ready, so once it is installed, you can start the tiling process immediately. Laticrete provides all installation materials needed to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

Superior Drainage

Don’t you hate it when you are at home or a hotel, and the shower takes forever to drain? Or worse yet, instead of removing the water, just pools and slowly evaporates – allowing mold and other things to develop. This is why you need to ensure your shower has the proper slope required to allow the possible drainage. The HYDRO BAN Shower Kit is preformed in the factory, which allows for a correct sloping that offers perfect drainage from your shower.

Improved Look

Gone are the days of the tub/shower combo. People want to enjoy a more extensive bathing experience, unencumbered by the constraints of a tub and shower curtain. HYDRO BAN Shower Kit allows for a more open-feeling bathing experience that is unrivaled. Laticrete also provides preformed seats, benches, and shelves to allow you to create the ideal bathing experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Need Bathroom Remodeling Palm Beach?

Have you been thinking about finally re-doing that old bathroom? Want to treat yourself to something new that you can enjoy every day? Don’t wait to start the bathroom remodeling Palm Beach project you’ve always wanted! At D&B Tile, we have the experts you need to help you find exactly what you want. Contact us today for more information.