Choosing the Best Look for Your Bathroom Remodeling

Ready to get started on that bathroom remodel you’ve been dreaming of? You have a lot of options and combinations in front of you, from the shower and sinks to the walls and floors. And when you’re picking out tile, you’ll definitely want to choose the best in the area. Coming in to see D&B Tile Distributors will get you started on the right foot. We’ll make sure you find the perfect tiles for your bathroom remodeling in Palm Beach. where is the best bathroom remodeling palm beach gardens?


The first thing you need to think about with any remodel is your budget. Are you going all out? Are you looking for more inexpensive options? You don’t want to get halfway through your remodel and realize that the cost will be too much. If you’re aiming for the inexpensive remodel, you might consider looking at ceramic or porcelain tiles. But if you’re imagining a bathroom with an incredible visual appeal and are okay with spending a little more, glass tiles might be the perfect option.

Shape and Size of the Tile

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, so beyond the type of tile, it’s another variable you should consider. You can decide to go with a more traditional pattern that stays uniform when its placed, or if you’re looking to change things up a bit, mosaic tiles add a great flair to any bathroom. Mosaic tiles often have varying, irregular patterns, and colors, making your bathroom feel livelier and more upbeat! who offers the best bathroom design palm beach?


Speaking of color, it might be one of the hardest decisions you have to make when you begin your bathroom remodel. If you’re in the middle of your remodel and you find the color scheme you chose isn’t quite working at as you hoped, it can be a frustrating discovery. Most of your decisions will rise from the foundation of that one choice, so don’t rush and make sure you’re fully on board with a color scheme before moving on.

Tile Placement

When deciding how to decorate your bathroom, you’ll have to make choices on what kind of materials you’ll want for the shower, floors, and walls. You can go with a tile, stone, or even the classic plaster and drywall. who offers porcelain tile west palm beach?

The Shower

Having a unique shower can make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Ceramic and glass tile are great options. Ceramic is durable and great for those looking for a traditional design. Glass, on the other hand, is low maintenance and won’t stain.

The Floors

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very common choices for bathroom floors; however, if you’re looking for something a little different, glass tile can give an excellent sense of depth. If you do choose glass tile for your floor, though, make sure you go with small tiles or textured glass so that it won’t feel too slippery.

The Walls

If you choose tile for your entire bathroom wall, ceramic and porcelain are once again popular choices. While smaller tiles are typically chosen in this scenario, a newer trend is using large format tiles, which can make your bathroom appear bigger! where is the best bathroom remodeling palm beach?

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You have a lot of decisions to make for your Palm Beach bathroom remodeling, and tile is just one step you need to take care of. At D&B Tile Distributors, we can help you with all your tile needs. We have a large inventory for you to choose from and the experts to help you make the right choice. Contact us today to start your remodeling journey!