Bathroom Tiles vs. Kitchen Tiles

At D&B Tile, we’ve helped homeowners with plenty of kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Palm Beach. If you’ve undertaken one project or the other, but not both, you may be wondering: can you use the same tile for each?

For instance, if you’re doing a whole home renovation, would it help you save money if you could just buy a bigger order of the same tile? In this article, we’ll discuss why some people choose to match their home and kitchen tiles, whereas other people go with different materials.

Kitchen tile vs Bathroom Remodeling in Palm Beach

Are Bathroom Tiles Different from Kitchen Tiles?

In many ways, the bathroom and kitchen are very similar rooms. Both tend to be areas that experience a lot of foot traffic, and they are also two of the most common rooms to be tiled.

It makes sense, then, that tile designed for each room is often interchangeable. In fact, their design trends tend to mirror each other.

There are some instances where you might feel like the aesthetic speaks more to kitchens than bathrooms, or vice versa, but in terms of functionality, both of them should be water-resistant, slip-resistant, and designed for high foot traffic.

Should Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring Match?

While you can match your bathroom and kitchen flooring, it’s not necessary to do so. The biggest advantage is that buying the same tile for both rooms can get you a discount, since you’re buying in bulk.

That said, it can also be a great way of giving your home a certain amount of unity. How important this is will depend on both the size of your house and how close the rooms are to each other.

That said, even if you don’t choose to use the same tile, it’s useful to keep both rooms in mind when you’re choosing which tile to purchase. This way you can choose tile types that accentuate each other.

How Many Types of Flooring Should Be in a House?

One of the factors influencing your decision of whether to buy the same tile for both rooms is how many flooring types you’re using throughout the rest of your home.

As well, you have to consider how big your home is. The same kind of flooring can make a room or home look bigger, making that unity especially important for smaller homes.

On the other hand, if you’re tiling particularly large rooms, varying the styles can be useful for maintaining the eye’s interest and giving each room its own personality.

However, there is a good general principle to follow, which states that you should stick to no more than three different textures per floor.

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