Become a Certified Tile Contractor

D&B Tile Distributors has long been known for their commitment to continuing education in the tile industry. Working in concert with the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF), D&B encourages all their contractor customers to participate in this program. It will foster professionalism in the industry and attract attention from architects, designers and decorators.

Mike Weaver, Trendsetter Tile and Stone

CTEF Certified Tile Contractor

We sat down with Mike Weaver, Owner of Trendsetter Tile and Stone based in Coral Springs, FL to understand how becoming a certified tile contractor has changed his business and his approach to the industry. “We work mostly in Palm Beach and Broward counties. I am president of the company and my partner Garrett Gaspard is vice president. Both of us are certified by the Ceramic TileEducation Foundation (CTEF). There are a total of four employees and we all set tile.

“D&B Tile made us aware of the program and we both decided to pursue this. When we were certified, there was a two-day process which included a written test and a hands-on installation. The actual test is a lot more challenging than when you first look at it. The hands-on portion lasted an entire day. The next day we took a written exam.

“When we give a customer an estimate for their job, we make certain they understand that we are licensed AND certified by a national organization. They are impressed by this because it gives them a sense of security and confidence that they will get a professional installation. I am a director for South Florida with the National Tile Contractors Association. There is just no downside to this program. It benefits us as tile contractors and elevates the level of professionalism within the industry.

“I personally take advantage of all the continuing education opportunities that are available. We especially enjoy those provided by D&B Tile as well as Schluter. Rather than doing things because everyone else does them, we learn why certain procedures are done and how that improves the overall job. As a company, we strive to understand the new products and how they can be best used to meet the demands of our customers. We take pride in the hands-on aspect as well as the technical aspect to recommend and describe what is best to meet the needs of our customers.

“The certification procedure has also helped us gain acceptance by designers and architects. We explain the process to them and this gives them more confidence in our ability to perform the job as specified. When we meet with customers we always present our credentials. We are licensed, insured and certified and we make sure they see the paperwork. Many people don't understand the difference between licensing and certification. The testing procedure actually makes you a better contractor because it makes you think through every step of the process. You realize that you are being graded on everything from start to finish.

“Many residential customers do not understand different types and styles of tile available to them. We always recommend that they visit any of the D&B locations convenient to them and make their selection based on their individual needs and tastes.”

Customer Frank D'Annunzio (left) Mike Weaver (right).

“Mike was recommended to me by Andy Bolton at the D&B Pompano location. When he came to my home to estimate the job he was very personable and knowledgeable. He told me exactly what he would do and he performed each task as he described. He was on schedule and on budget. You can't get any better than that. I would recommend his company and D&B Tile to anyone.”