Bringing Gauged Porcelain Tile Furniture into Your Home

We’ve seen some stunning things done with porcelain tile in Palm Beach and our other locations. That said, we’ve been particularly impressed with porcelain furniture’s ability to elevate so many home interiorsIn this article, we’ll discuss what gauged porcelain tile is and why it can be a great material for furniture. We hope this helps you find the perfect material for your project. 


What Is Gauged Porcelain Tile? 

Gauged porcelain tile, also known as XXL tile, comes in thin, large slabs. While these slabs can be as big as 10×15, they can also be as thin as 6-12 millimeters. This large format has become increasingly trendy over the years, with people using it for walls, floors, and more. 

Gauged Porcelain Tile Benefits 

Gauged tile holds many benefits over traditional furniture materials. It is: 

  • Durable – Compared to materials like glass, porcelain is remarkably difficult to scratch or smudge. It lasts much longer than many other materials. 
  • Non-porous – Because it doesn’t absorb moisture easily, porcelain is unlikely to stain, rust, or get mildewed. 
  • Easy to clean – You don’t need to buy special cleaners to keep porcelain looking nice.  
  • Eco-friendly – Along with being made from natural materials, porcelain is easy to reuse/recycle. 

These are many of the same reasons why it’s such a great material for walls and flooring. That said, porcelain furniture has another advantage that’s worth keeping in mind: it can be used to match your porcelain walls and flooring. If you’re curious what that would look like, it’s worth perusing some of the ideas put together by our friends over at WhyTile. Some people love the clean look of an all-white gauged porcelain room, while others prefer to mix-and-match shades like white and gray. 

What Furniture Can Gauged Tile Be Used For? 

Gauged porcelain can be used to make a variety of different furniture, including: 

This material works equally well in both residential and commercial settings, often adding an air of elegance to a room. Its durability means that it can be used in a variety of settings, for many different purposes. 

Where to Get Gauged Tile Furniture 

Typically, if you’re looking to purchase gauged tile furniture, you need to get it custom-made. Your local tile supplier likely knows the best people in the area who can be trusted to put forth exemplary work. 

Can You Apply Gauged Tile to Existing Material? 

Yes. While it’s common to buy furniture made from gauged porcelain tile, you can also have the material applied to furniture made from a different material. We recommend consulting with your tile specialist to see what they recommend for your situation. Whether gauged porcelain tile can be applied will also vary depending on the material the furniture was originally made from. 


Looking for Porcelain Tile in Palm Beach? 

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