Brush Strokes by Surfaces Offers Unlimited Variety

Surfaces Mosaic


Remember the old days when mosaic tiles were black and white, red and white or green and white? You used to see them behind avocado or burnt orange refrigerators back in the 1960's. Those days are gone forever.


Brush Strokes by Surfaces features individually painted tiles in each 12x12 sheet. No two tiles are alike and the pattern is random with large and small tiles intermixed. This offers unlimited variety and contrast to the chips with a brushed look you won't find anywhere else. They are perfect for backsplashes, accent walls, in the shower or outside in the garden, pool or fountain. They can be used in either residential or commercial applications.


These are not your grandparents' mosaic tiles. Step into the 21st century with classic designs by Surfaces. Available in all nine locations at D&B Tile Distributors.