Can You Use Porcelain Tile for Indoor and Outdoor Use?  

When it’s time to find new tile flooring for your home, whether it’s part of a complete remodel or just a small change, it’s essential to know what kind of tile will be best. Can it hold up to the elements? Does it have enough color and style options? These questions are important ones you need to consider before making a purchase from tile stores in Hollywood Florida. The great news is D&B Tile Distributors is here for you from start to finish. If you find yourself unsure regarding any of the choices in front of you, our expert staff will help guide you based on the description of your space and how it will be utilized. One of your options for both indoor and outdoor use is porcelain tile. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Benefits of Indoor Use

Stain Resistant

If you’re going to be using tile in your kitchen, you’ll want the type that can withstand stains. Since porcelain is non-porous, the absorption rate is so low that you won’t have to worry–as long as you don’t leave spills sitting for too long.

Easy Maintenance

For indoor use, you’re going to want tile flooring that is easy to maintain as it will probably be in locations around your home with a lot of potential for messes and foot traffic. The great news is that porcelain tile fits that characteristic. Typically, you’ll only have to do some sweeping and occasional washing to keep it looking great.

Fire Resistant

Anytime there’s cooking, there’s a potential for fire. While it’s always ideal to avoid any flaming mishaps altogether, being prepared with fire-resistant tile could be the difference between a small mistake and a horrible problem. Since porcelain is created by heating materials at such a high temperature, it won’t burn or produce any smoke.

Benefits of Outdoor Use

Resistant to Moisture

Consistent moisture absorption can ultimately cause cracking and damage, but due to porcelain being mainly impervious, you won’t have to worry about the Florida rain ruining the look of your porch or patio.


Porcelain is very dense, which gives it a significant advantage over an option like ceramic when it comes to outdoor use. Since patios will usually have a lot of activity with numerous people, you’ll want something that can stand up to wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as the harsh elements of the sun and rain.

Be Creative

If you want to show off some extra creativity in your home, you might want to consider choosing porcelain for both indoor and outdoor use, especially if you have French doors or floor to ceiling windows. It will create a seamless transition! Where can I get Tile Stores Hollywood Florida?

Looking for Tile Stores in Hollywood Florida?

Making a tile choice for your home might seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of D&B Tile Distributors. If you need tile for your kitchen, bathroom, patio, or anywhere else in your home, we have you covered. Ready to transform your space? Contact us today to get started!