Why Dog Owners Love Ceramic Tile


dog-pee-cardWe've all seen it, the puddle in the carpet sinking into the padding underneath. The unlucky pet owners among us have known the feeling of getting up in the middle of the night and having our foot squish into the cold, wet mush.



House training is an extra challenge for puppy owners, mainly because most dogs are conditioned to wet into an absorbent surface like grass. Hence this is the reason why carpet offers a welcome spot for the relief of a dog. It's convenient, and not too far from the feet of its beloved owner. After the mess has been sopped up, the scent remains in the padding underneath -- perhaps undetectable to the human olfactory senses, but to the canine, serving as an invitation for recurrence.Carpet harbors odors that even the most stringent cleaning agents aren't able to remove.

Not to mention, there is the fur. Carpet fibers offer a perfect surface, like a magnet for weaving in clumps of shedding pelt. Hair and dander nestle deep within the crevices of carpet. If your pet has fleas, the eggs and larvae will find protection there as well.


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