Choosing the Right Shower Tile

Over many years of selling shower tile flooring in Miami, we’ve seen people make a wide range of decisions regarding the kind of tile they want. Like many design decisions, personal preference plays a major role here. Which tile is the most aesthetically pleasing to you? 

At the same time, there are a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing shower tile. It has specific requirements that are different than any other tile in your home. Today, we’ll discuss those requirements and explain why porcelain is our preferred material for shower floors.

Shower Wall Tile and Flooring Tile in Miami

What Should You Look for When Selecting Shower Tile? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the tile that’s right for your home: 

  • Non-Porousness – Your shower floor is going to be exposed to a lot of water, which means you want something that doesn’t absorb water.  
  • Slip Resistance – Given the way showers are frequently exposed to liquids, you want your flooring to have a slip resistance rating of either IW (Interior, Wet) or IW+ (Interior, Wet Plus). 
  • Texture – Given the fact that you and anyone else taking a shower will be walking on it barefoot, it’s worth considering which materials you’re comfortable stepping on.
  • Aesthetics – It's important to find a tile that matches your tastes, as well as matching or contrasting well with the floors used in the rest of the bathroom. 

Should Floor and Shower Tiles Be the Same? 

No, floor and shower tiles don’t have to be the same. In fact, many homeowners prefer to make them different. That said, matching shower tile floors with the rest of the bathroom floor has become increasingly popular. Some people even opt to match the two floors with the walls, which is an eye-catching, unusual look. 

If this style appeals to you, it’s important to make sure you’re buying tile that works on each of the surfaces. You’re going to want to choose a material that meets the highest levels of slip resistance and durability required in the space.  

Shower tile needs a higher slip resistance rating than regular bathroom floor, for instance, while any floor tile is going to require more durability than your typical wall tile. 

What Flooring Material Do You Recommend for Showers? 

There are a variety of options available, and we prefer to schedule a design consultation to give personalized advice. That said, porcelain is an excellent choice for shower floors. Along with being non-porous, it also comes in a wide range of styles. 

If you choose porcelain for your shower floor, it’s important to pay special attention to its slip rating. While some porcelain can be slippery, tile that has a good coefficient of friction (COF) and is rated for wet use will provide the traction you need.

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