We're In It for The Long Haul

Dave YarboroughHow many times have you heard people say “we're in it for the long haul . . . “? Actually, that can be said specifically about our company. However, it also refers to how we work with our suppliers, vendors and contractors.

We are a family-owned business serving south Florida for 50 years. That didn't happen by accident. Our business plan was developed to serve the tile contractor, builder, design and contracting industry first and foremost.Our showrooms are for our clients and their customers, designed to help them with selections as an idea showroom. Our lines of tiles, marble and stone are thoroughly researched, tested and verified before we put them on our shelves. All our customers know that we stand behind everything we carry. We carefully screen our suppliers and verify their production schedules, quality control, durability and reputation before we conduct business.

We do the same with our contractors. Each contractor that we recommend to our retail customers is qualified, competent and trustworthy. In addition, we constantly work with our contractors to provide them with special incentives, free training, great selection and negotiated warranties which give them an opportunity to increase their sales.

People are offered some kind of warranty on virtually everything they buy. In the tile industry, we have a traditional one-year warranty. However, working with SGM, we put together a warranty that provides five-year coverage on specific setting materials from SGM.

How can this help you? If you're bidding a job, bring this to the customer's attention. This covers a thinset, a grout and an additive. We think your customer would prefer a five-year warranty over a one-year unspecified warranty. As a contractor, you can now offer this warranty with the backing of SGM. This will give the customer a five-year warranty and you an opportunity to close more deals.

Southern Grouts & Mortars, Inc. warrants that SGM installation materials listed here will not deteriorate, peel or breakdown for a period of five years from installation. They must be installed in accordance with SGM written guidelines and industry specifications. The following three products must be purchased and used on a specific job to qualify for warranty coverage.

• D&B Tile Multi-Purpose Thinset and Mortar – This is an all purpose bonding mortar formulated for the installation of ceramic, mosaic and quarry tiles and dimension stone tiles (absorptive, semi-vitreous and vitreous) tiles.

• SGM Security Polymer Grout and Dry Grout – This product is available in 36 trending colors to compliment every floor, wall, countertop and backsplash.

• D&B Tile Security Admix Plus – This is a specially formulated additive to be used with Security Grout instead of water. For interior or exterior installations, the new D&B Tile Security Admix Plus provides maximum protection with no sealing required.

In the event of this breach of warranty, SGM will pay for the replacement portion of the installation proven to be defective. This payment will not exceed the original cost of the installed product, calculated on a square foot basis. Payment will include reasonable labor and finishing materials only.

This warranty is ONLY available through all nine D&B Tile Distributor locations. Specific claim requirements and warranty exclusions exist. For complete details, contact any of our nine stores or click on the link here for more information.