Is the Timing Right for an Upsurge in Your Business?

Random Thoughts on the tile industry by Dave Yarborough, President, D&B Tile Distributors
If you think about it, the timing could be perfect for an upsurge in your business. Sooner or later, we have to come out of the current economic situation. Interest rates are at an all-time low; the housing market has virtually nowhere to go but up; and, many people are interested in downsizing their residences and moving into something smaller. It is definitely a buyers' market. We may see many snowbirds who are unwilling or unable to maintain a residence "up north" and one down here; and some who have already sold their homes and are heading to South Florida for a permanent residence. Remember, it will always be miserable in Rochester in the winter and we will always have the sun, palm trees and the beaches. Put all those factors together and we could possibly see significant light at the end of the tunnel. With that in mind, gear up for what could possibly be heading our way. If you haven’t been in our showrooms for a while, take the time to visit. We are constantly remodeling and renovating to present our customers with the best selection of flooring products in the industry. We are offering frameless shower doors in all stores and, in many locations we are showing complete kitchen mockups. If you aren't aware of our exclusive Q-Seal process for your stone products, ask any sales representative for a demonstration. This is a permanent treatment which will seal natural stone forever. As always, we continue to travel the world in search of products that will attract buyers at all levels. There are new products for all phases of your business from installation to maintenance. And, you are able to use our showrooms as your showroom. As most of our retail customers know, we do not install products; we recommend contractors to do that for you. AND, all contractors recommended by D&B Tile Distributors are certified in their craft. As all of our contractor customers know, we do not install products; we recommend contractors to do that for our retail customers. AND, all contractors recommended by D&B Tile MUST be certified. For further information, contact any of our nine stores. Finally, all of the remodeling in our stores is done by certified tile con­ tractors. If you would like to participate in this, contact your local sales rep. Your work can be part of our permanent display.