A Visual Masterpiece: Decorative Tile on the Ceiling

Ceiling FanNeglected by the homeowner, ceilings receive little attention by home decorators. A coat of paint and a light fixture is how glamorous the ceiling will ever become. Luckily, painting isn't the only choice. Ceilings can turn into a focal point in the room through decorative tile. Bring your ceiling to the forefront by decorating it with tile.

View ceiling tile similarly to a standout piece in the room - a conversation piece that makes the room pop and unites the space. That combination is hard to juggle. Too much design overpowers a room. Too little design becomes an afterthought. Therefore, have answers to the bullet list as you examine tile choices through research.

  • Do you prefer the drop/suspended ceiling method or direct-apply/surface-mount method?

  • If you decide on the direct-apply/surface-mount method, is tileglued on or nailed in?

  • What material do you like on tile? Examples of materials are tin, glass, mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, and stone.

  • What color and pattern are your preference? Can you look at that pattern/colorevery day?

  • Will the edges and corners trim to fit, end abruptly, or end another way?

  • Are there additional, special considerations, such as heat-resistant, eco-friendly, noise-reduction, or waterproof tile?

Room Ceiling


Ceiling decorations speak to you louder than any decorations below it due to more coverage. Speaking of coverage, room size matters with tile. Ceiling in small rooms require more care than large rooms. Large tile in tiny rooms will eat the space alive, making it appear smaller. While bathroom-sized tile looks better, the installation time isn't worth it. Likewise, larger room ceilings can use large and small tile due to expansion.

Along with colors and patterns, texture and style complete ceiling tiles. Texture is the part that exudes emotion and mood. Style is the part that blends the ceiling in with the room below it. While style is a small aspect of decorative tile, the detail gives it the pop the room deserves.

The next time tile comes up in conversation look up. Your ceiling could use some personality, especially if the remaining room lacks some charm.Contact us for more information on tile. We are happy to assist you.