Dramatic Before and After Photos Show Off Palmetto Bay Bathroom Remodel with Tiles from D&B

A retired US Air Force fighter pilot and his daughter finally got around to remodeling one of their dated bathrooms. They found everything they needed at the D&B Tile Palmetto Bay location and everything went as scheduled. “We decided to remodel the bathroom in 2003 and finally got around to it this year. We had seen many different design ideas from friends and family homes in the area and knew what we wanted. My daughter and I went to the D&B Tile location in Palmetto Bay to select tiles for the walls and floor. “Everyone was courteous. The selection was extensive. The prices were good and our salesperson Michael Alessi took the time to go over everything we needed and made recommendations to help us with our buying decisions. “I hired a contractor to install and do the demo as well. He was familiar with D&B and agreed with our choices. I wanted the color to be neutral and chose white. It gives a good openness. We walked around and looked at different tiles. I saw the wave pattern and liked it immediately. “We were impressed with everything we saw at D&B Tile but were most taken with the white wave pattern tiles and selected those for the walls in the shower enclosure. I had never seen anything like that before and felt that it fit in with our South Florida location and the fact that we were near the ocean. “We are in the process of moving out of the area, so we won’t have much opportunity to enjoy the remodel but we know it made our home easier to sell. “Everything went as planned with the tearout and installation. There were no delays with materials. The few items that were not in stock, were available quickly from the Doral location and everything finished on schedule. “The only thing I would do over again involved the drainage in the shower. We replaced a giant spa tub, which was virtually unused, with a large walk-in shower enclosure. We had not considered the large size of the shower and only installed one drain. However, we graded the shower floor to accommodate that flow and everything worked out. Because it was such a big area, I didn’t think about putting in another drain. I should have planned for that to take care of any water that didn’t drain easily. I had a friend who recommended the contractor and everything worked out fine. “Through the years, I was undecided as to how to structure the shower enclosure. At one point, we considered a large glass wall but decided to keep it simple. We minimized corners and kept nice clean straight lines which are easy to clean and maintain. I was very conscious of maintenance. “All of our family and friends have seen the installation and tile and are impressed. We would certainly recommend D&B Tile. They are well-established with good service and the products are readily available.” To see these and many other selections of tile, marble and stone, visit any of our nine convenient locations throughout South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.