Enjoy Fine Cigars and Wine at Prime Cigar in Downtown Miami

Prime Cigar Lounge areaWhen you walk through the doors at Prime Cigar in Miami, you immediately sense the international flavor and appeal of the facility, which offers cigars and fine wines from around the world, complimented now by beautiful tile from around the world pro­vided by D&B Tile Distributors. It is a members' only retreat from the daily grind where members and their guests can sample fine cigars from more than 150 producers along with their extensive selection of wine.



Owners Ryan Leeds and Jason Razks have another facility in Boca Raton and a third in New Jersey. They are actively searching for other prime locations. Members purchase a locker with special materials to keep the cigars fresh. They also have access to the member lounge; the ballroom or conference room is available as well. Most are corporate memberships purchased by law firms, banks and other professions for their employees. Individual memberships are also available.


Prime Cigar Checkout Area

Marcelo Bonti, owner of Concept Build in Miami was general contractor on the project. "We mainly do commercial jobs and specialize in hospitality.


Prime Cigar Wine Cellar"Our company offers the Design/Build concept to our customers. We take the client from concept to reality. Most times we find the space, design the project and perform all the construction, including furnishings. We have been in business for 11 years. In this case we worked with a real estate broker. I represent the landlord at the construction site before anything is begun. We confer with them on where we need the utility connections and other behind the wall concerns prior to construction. I approve the plans for each project. The client came through to see this space and we were called in.


"We specified all tile. D&B Tile has been our prime source for as long as I can remember. They are my 'go to' place for tile, marble and stone. Rosanna Ruiz at the Doral location finds exactly what we need for every project. I went to the showroom, knew what the client wanted and brought samples to them. They normally go with our recommendations. Everything in here is from D&B Tile." Prime Cigar Bath Wall



Regardless of whether you are planning a refined getaway such as this to enjoy premium cigars and wine, host private parties or corporate meetings or want a small spot in your home or business to relax, all tiles and wall coverings shown here are available in all nine D&B Tile locations or authorized dealers in South Florida.