Even if You've Been Installing for Decades, Certification Offers Value You Can't Pass Up

Just the other day, the CTEF released an article spotlighting an industry professional, Charles Nolen, and his journey to Certified Tile Installer after being in the industry over 20 years. In the CTEF article, Charles Nolen reasons that becoming certified is, “A way to say I'm different. I don't just tile, I make a project come to life, bringing people's dreams to reality, not just at the surface. What is underneath is done just as correctly as what you see visually. Tile isn't just a designer object, it's a tile assembly that must function with the consumer in mind for years to come.” There are many benefits to becoming a Certified Tile Installer and the value it brings helps installers grow their businesses and careers. Check out the major benefits of CTI below. 3 Major Benefits of Certified Tile Installer Certification
  • Give Your Customers & Prospects Confidence
When you become a Certified Tile Installer, you are a proven expert. Your customers and prospects can trust that you take the right initiative in understanding the best practices to deliver them a project that lasts a lifetime. Other industry professionals, such as Architects and Designers, are more also more willing to leverage certified professionals and recommend certified installers to their customers.
  • Learn Something New & Stay Ahead of the Game
No matter how long you've been installing flooring and tile, there is always something new to learn. Technology advances quickly and the products are constantly evolving. Knowing about the latest techniques and products will help you to ensure that your customers get the best result.
  • Join Others in the Community & Share Experiences
As the CTEF states, "Another benefit of certification is becoming part of a larger tile industry community committed to quality tile installations and best practices." When you are working on your certification and after you've achieved it, you'll meet many other professionals just as dedicated to the craft as you are. Read the full CTEF Article and meet Charles Nolan: CLICK HERE