Gauged Porcelain Tile: A Fan Favorite for Walls, Floors, and Furniture

The beauty and durability of your furniture are some of the highest priorities when it comes to remodeling and interior design. Therefore, most homeowners and business owners choose tile and products made of porcelain or ceramic material. Porcelain tile in Hollywood, FL is an incredibly popular choice for many reasons. Porcelain Tile in Hollywood FL

What is Gauged Porcelain Tile?

Gauged porcelain tile is a large-format material measuring as long as 15 feet and as wide as five feet. It can also be as thick as 5 millimeters. Gauged porcelain tile is an increasingly trendy furniture surface for flooring, walls, and all sorts of other furnishings. Furniture to use this material on include:
  • Kitchen tables
  • Desks
  • Kitchen islands
  • Cabinets
  • Benches
  • Kitchen backsplashes

Benefits of Gauged Porcelain Tile

If you knew all the benefits of gauged porcelain tile, you’d understand why it’s becoming such a popular choice for custom furniture! Compared to other traditional materials, you’ll notice some significant differences when it comes to looks and functionality. Some of the benefits of gauged porcelain tile are as follows:


Gauged porcelain tile can add glamour and beauty to any room in your home. Because of its versatility, you can design your space in any way you want. Gauged porcelain tile gives your room the beauty that other materials like marble can offer, but at a more affordable cost. Porcelain Tile in Hollywood FL


Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not contain compounds that can pose health concerns to you or your family. You don’t have to worry about things like formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride, or other volatile organic compounds. Since common allergens can’t penetrate the surface of gauged porcelain tile, they’re also hypoallergenic. They have antimicrobial properties that suppress harmful microorganisms. This material is great for having a healthy home!


Are you worried about rusting or water damage to your outdoor furniture? That’s a thing of the past when you use gauged porcelain! Some materials are more susceptible to water damage and other issues, but that’s not a problem with gauged porcelain. It’s also stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Environmentally Friendly

The beauty of gauged porcelain tile is that slabs don’t contain any plastic, making it much more sustainable than other materials. It meets the EPA’s requirements for clean fill.


The looks you can achieve with gauged porcelain tile are limitless! You can choose between different colors, textures, and designs. They even have gauged porcelain tiles that resemble other materials!

Why Large Porcelain Tile Slabs?

Gauged porcelain tile slabs are larger than traditional materials, which can make installation handier. Below are some of the other advantages you can take advantage of with large porcelain slabs.
  • Easy installation
  • Less grout
  • Easier maintenance
  • Saves time and money
Porcelain Tile in Hollywood FL

Are You Interested in Learning More About Porcelain Tile in Hollywood, FL?

Does this useful information convince you to use gauged porcelain tile in your space? We at D&B Tile would love to help you pick the right kind to achieve your desired look. If you’re interested in browsing our selection or need a contractor to get the job done, feel free to get in touch with us today!