Getting It All Straight and Level Just Got A Lot Easier With Vortex

Lippage Photo 1A“We call it an anti-lippage system. The reason for this is to prevent lippage, or one tile being higher or lower than the other. This is especially important with larger format tiles which are not always flat. Also the floor may not be level. You use this system to pull the tiles level with each other. You simply put the base under the tile with the post exposed between the cap joint. Then you attach the cap to the post and turn it like a wingnut on a screw,” said Vortex Representative Rich Maggio.

“All you do is twist until the adjusted height is acquired. We all want a seamless installation.Vortexis a better system because it is simpler and extremely easy to use. One post and one cap. Once it is done, next day just kick it off with your foot and reuse the caps. That's really the best part. It is easy to remove and reuse.

Depending on the size of the tile, most likely you would use them in each joint. A 36x36 tile would use 6 on each end. When you knock them off the next day just put the grout over them. You're leaving a very limited void which is an advantage. The unit is slightly larger than 1/16 of an inch and that doesn't give you a problem with the grout.

“The system is also applicable on vertical installations because it does exactly the same thing. With the height of the base on a thin panel tile, this is important. When you have a 1 mm thick tile, you don't want anything sticking up. Finally, this system is user friendly and easy to use for homeowners as well. It’s as simple as putting it under the tile and putting the cap on.”


Andre Tremblay with Real Property Enterprises just finished 1400 sq ft/ and another porcelain job at 500 sq/ft. “Everything worked as advertised. This was the first time I laid porcelain with thinset but with the Vortex system, the jobs came out beautifully. They snap right off the next day. Using them doesn't slow you down; actually makes the job faster. Most floors are not perfectly flat and this solves the problem. Vortex works just as well with large or small tiles. We were using a 1/16 inch grout joint and it worked fine.

“Another big plus for contractors is that you can reuse the caps. It comes out to about 9 cents per stem so it is helpful to be able to reuse them. It's just a great concept. The last two jobs using the Vortex system came out like a sheet of glass.”

Stop by any of D&B Tile’s nine locations or any of our authorized dealers throughout south Florida and ask for more information on the Vortex system to prevent lippage and give you less callbacks.