KNOWLEDGE Is Always A Winner! Learn About Porcelain Tile.

PEI logoDurable, easy-to-care-for porcelain tile for high traffic areas is the perfect choice. With an almost endless combination of sizes, textures and colors the homeowner can find just the right tile to enhance their home for many years.

Porcelain tiles are not all alike. Some tiles are harder and better suited for high traffic areas. Tile hardness ratings help determine whether the tile you love is appropriately suited for the area you have in mind. High traffic areas like entryways require a very durable, slip-resistant, moisture-proof tile that is not likely to be damaged by abrasive substances like dirt. In addition to that, it must be beautiful and long-lasting.

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) takes some of the mystery out of determining the hardness and durability of porcelain tile with a hardness rating scale. PEI performs a series of standardized tests for porcelain tiles evaluating the relative hardness of the tile (on the Mohs scale), percentage of water absorbtion and the overall durability of the tile.

The Porcelain Enamel Institute class ratings are:

  • PEI Class I - No foot traffic. Residential and commercial wall application only.
  • PEI Class II - Light foot traffic. Residential and commercial wall use and foot traffic in low abrasion areas like bathrooms.
  • PEI Class III - Light to moderate foot traffic. Counter tops, walls and floors in normal residential settings with normal foot traffic.
  • PEI Class IV - Moderate to heavy foot traffic. Suitable for all residential uses, moderate commercial and light institutional applications.
  • PEI Class V - Heavy to extra heavy traffic. Suitable for all residential and heavy commercial and institutional traffic.

For an entryway, a Class IV or V tile would be ideal.

When choosing that perfect tile for your home, consider the guidelines from the PEI to ensure long-term durability of your tile installation.

If you have any questions about choosing the right tile for your project, contact us today or visit one of our authorized dealer. We have nine showrooms conveniently located near you and would love to help ensure that your tile project is as beautiful as it is durable.