How is a Backsplash Installed?

Glass tile Delray Beach serves a real purpose beyond looking good, by securing your walls from splatters. It has become a popular way to add attractive styles to your bathroom or kitchen. Additionally, it is an ideal piece of work to provide your house with a fashionable design. Since it is a small scale, tile backsplashes become more manageable when it comes to DIY projects. If you opt to install glass tile backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom, below is the step-by-step process. who offers kitchen tile backsplash palm beach?

How Glass Tile Delray Beach Installed

Step 1 – Lay Out Backsplashes, Mix, and Apply Thin-Set Mortar

To start the glass tile Delray Beach installation process, you will have to measure the top of your counter up to the bottom of your cabinet. Make sure to mark the center of your wall. Starting from the center, draw a horizontal line diagonally to your wall. Then, layout the backsplashes and determine whether you will have to cut some tiles to fit the area thoroughly. In applying the thin-set mortar, you need to guarantee that the mixture is used smoothly and in even strokes. Likewise, see to it that it covers a 2-square foot area.

Step 2 – Lay the Glass Tiles

It is important to note that there are glass tiles that have a higher rate of contraction and expansion as compared to ceramic tiles. Thus, in purchasing a glass tile Delray Beach, you will have to ask the tile retailer if there is a joint movement schedule so you can fix and limit the necessity to set grout lines. After you lay down the glass tile Delray Beach, you can add liner bars or accent tiles to improve your aesthetics. Likewise, you will have to cut and polish the tiles to make sure that they are not rough and pointy. If you think you need to cut the tiles, you will have to purchase a tile cutter. If the cut end of the tiles is not visible, you can polish the edges with a grinding stone.

Step 3 – Grout the Glass Tile Backsplashes

After the mortar and tiles set in, mix an unsanded grout, and apply it. Make sure not to use too much pressure to avoid the tiles from sinking.

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals to Install Glass Tile Delray Beach

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