Why Choose Glass Tile to Improve the Look of Your Home?

Glass tile has become an increasingly popular choice in home design due to its variability, durability, and versatility. Whether you are looking to make a kitchen feel bigger with a shiny backsplash or to introduce some funk into an otherwise dull room with bold color, finding quality glass tile in Delray Beach can make a striking difference in the aesthetics of your home. If you want to get it right the first time, trust the experts with over 60 years of experience at D&B Tile Distributors. Concorde Marvel Stone Bardiglio Cardoso Bathroom

What Makes Glass Tile Different?

Unlike other standard tile options such as porcelain or ceramic, glass tiles can be made in a wide range of shapes suitable for any project. The flexibility of glass tile is also apparent in the different finishing options available, making it easy to find a glass tile design that matches your desired style.

What Are the Advantages of Glass Tile?

Glass tiles are made by layering thin pieces of glass atop each other before applying a translucent glaze. Because of this construction method, glass tile can be very versatile in its color-range and texture. Additional advantages of glass tile include:
  • Low maintenance: Glass tile is exceedingly easy to clean with minimal chemical products.
  • Mold-resistant: Glass tile is an excellent choice for high-moisture environments (like bathrooms and kitchens) because mold and mildew can’t easily grow on the glass.
  • No water absorption: Ceramic tile absorbs a tiny amount of water that can cause damage over a long period. Glass tile, on the other hand, has zero water absorption.
  • Eco-friendly: Glass tiles are often made of recycled materials that require less energy to put together than other types of tiles. Even if they're not made of recycled materials, they can still be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Popular Glass Tile Finishes

The popularity of glass tile has partly been a result of the many colors and styles available. Because of the methods used to create these tiles, we can generate a limitless array of options. Some of the most widely used include:
  • Clear: Most common type of finish. The glossy aesthetic is likely what you have come to associate with glass tile.
  • Opaque: A solid-colored glass tile that is not translucent.
  • Mosaic/Mixed Material: One of the most used variations of glass tile, mosaics are made with a sheet of mixed glass tiles that vary in color and design.
  • Bubbles: This tile gives the appearance of bubbles being trapped underneath the surface for added textual depth.
  • Stained: Glass tile made by adding a dye in the creation process for strikingly unique looks.

How to Clean Glass Tile

When cleaning glass tiles, a non-abrasive cleaning agent or glass cleaner usually does the trick. Soap scum will be your biggest enemy when it comes to glass tile. To clean soap scum, simply mix 4-64 oz Omni heavy duty cleaner per gallon of water in a spray bottle, then spray the solution on the tile and let it sit for ten minutes before scrubbing the surface with a soft bristle brush. A quick rinse to finish it off and your tile will look like new! who offers glass tile delray beach?

For the Best Glass Tile Options in Delray, Come to D&B Tile!

The right glass tile can transform the way your home looks and feels. D&B Tile Distributors has an enormous inventory of glass tile designs, so you are sure to find the one you’re looking for when you contact us!