Haitian Art Students Thank D&B Tile for Their Contributions

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Haitian Art Students Thank D&B Tile

D&B Tile Pompano Branch received a contingent of grateful Haitian ceramic art students who toured the store and expressed their gratitude to D&B for contributing tile and stone products which are used to create mosaic murals.

The Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the education and personal growth of youth in need in Jacmel, Haiti. ACFFC youth began working on mosaic installations after the 2010 Haiti earthquake to memorialize lives lost and to celebrate hope for the future. Their first installation was called Tree of Life. Since then, through their “Mosaique Jacmel” project, mosaic mural installations and benches have been created throughout Jacmel, aesthetically enhancing the face of the city.

Ten ACFFC youth were invited to visit South Florida by Major Joseph Bernadel, ACFFC Board Member and Chief Operating Officer of Toussaint L'Ouverture High School for Arts and Social Justice (TLHS), a charter school located in Delray Beach. The school has a student body of predominantly Haitian-American new immigrant high school students. Together with TLHS students, ACFFC Team Mosaique Jacmel youth will be creating a public art mosaic installation in Boynton Beach to honor the people of Florida who have generously come to the aid of the people of Haiti.

According to D&B Distributors CEO Harold Yarborough, “Our company has always contributed to worthwhile causes. We will continue to provide materials and technical assistance to the ACFFC. We recognize and applaud their efforts and wish them success in their efforts to create mosaic art and to develop an industry for their youth.”