Home Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms by D&B Tile

If you’re the minimalist type, you’d probably squeeze your things even in the smallest room and make the most of any available living space there is. If you are working on a home design West Palm Beach, there are tricks you can apply to make your limited living spaces look bigger.

Simple Hacks to Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger

To make your small living room feel spacious, start with your color scheme. Add pastel shades to your design to make the room look warm and inviting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Hang baskets to provide extra wall storage
  • Add statement pieces such an oversized lamp, an eye-catching wall art, or just simply de-clutter the whole area
  • Invest in multi-functional furniture. You can invest in a coffee table that also doubles as a storage bin, a sofa with storage under the seat or, lidded stools. You can also add mirrors or furniture with reflective surfaces to maximize the natural light in your living room area, thus making it appear bigger and brighter.
  • Add an L-shaped sofa into a tight space
  • Tile choices
  • Use lighting to your advantage

Installing Tiles to Make The Room Look Larger

Tile adds beauty to any living space and they are very easy to maintain. They can be applied to small or large spaces to enhance the aesthetic of the room. Whether you opt for natural stone tiles, vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain, tile can add texture to a room. To increase the visual expanse of your floor, use grout the same or nearly the same to the color of your floor tile. You can also experiment with colors to see what works on your decorating scheme. Mixing square and rectangle tiles also help in expanding visual space more effectively. who offers help with home design west palm beach?

Need to Improve Your Home Design West Palm Beach?

If creativity is not your forte and you need to make the most of your limited space especially in terms of floor tiling, reach out to our professional home design West Palm Beach team at D&B Tile to help you maximize even the smallest space in your home. Contact us today to learn more.