Introducing Pool Tiles by Jeffrey Court, Bati Orient, and Artistry in Mosaics

Whether you're planning a new pool installation or sprucing up your current one, you need to choose the perfect tiles for your project. These aquatic companions need to be tough, slip-resistant, and capable of taking on the challenges posed by water and pool chemicals. 

When it comes to tile selection, there's also a mosaic of questions to ponder. Are you feeling classic or contemporary? What's your color palette of choice, and what size tiles will dance with your pool's design?  

At D&B Tile, we provide quality tiles for every project, from your pool renovation to your new kitchen design in Palm Beach. Today, we’re going to explore some pool tile collections from our top suppliers: Jeffrey Court, Artistry in Mosaics, and Bati. 

pool made with Artistry in Mosaic tiles

Pool Collection by Jeffrey Court 

The Jeffrey Court brand is synonymous with elegance and design innovation. Founded by Jim and Janice Lawson in 1991, Jeffrey Court has been adding beauty and style to interior and exterior spaces for over three decades. 

In 2003, they made their national debut, expanding their product offerings to reach all corners of the United States, and in 2021, they celebrated their 30th anniversary as one of the top manufacturers of decorative designer tiles. 

The Pool Collection by Jeffrey Court is an exciting addition to their lineup. Every mosaic shade was given the name of an international port, from Auckland and Kotor to Venice and Waimea. It's like taking a trip around the world without leaving your backyard! 

With a mix of gloss, iridescent, and matte finishes, these glass pool tiles look fantastic and can handle all the splashes and sun your pool dishes out. 

These are some popular choices in the collection: 

Herringbone Border Mosaic 

If you want to jazz up your pool with a small, but eye-catching touch, check out the 5/8" Herringbone Border Mosaic. Made from recycled glass, they come in soft blue, black, white, and honey tones, and they combine three finishes to make your pool water sparkle even more. 

Plus, Herringbone Border Mosaic is designed in a way that doesn't lock into other tiles, giving your pool a clean and polished look when you use it as a 6" waterline. 

Stack Brick Mosaic 

The 5/8" Stack Brick mosaic has the captivating colors and finishes of the Herringbone Border Mosaic, but with a unique pattern and style. 

Instead of the herringbone design, these tiles boast a tidy stacked brick pattern. The arrangement allows the different finishes to create a sense of motion and depth within the tile. 

Triangle Mosaic 

Just like the others, the 7/8" Triangle Mosaic shares the same fantastic colors and finishes. However, what sets it apart is its unique design, with small triangles arranged in an alternating pattern.  

Triangle mosaic pool tiles create a one-of-a-kind outside space and make your pool modern and unique. 


And it's not just mosaics – the Pool collection by Jeffrey Court also includes decorative and square pavers. You can use them to jazz up your pool's edges, create unique walkways, or define lounging areas. 

You can choose from one of these shapes: 

And these tones: 

  • Tan 
  • Slate 
  • Ashes 
  • Pewter 
  • Dust 

To check out all the options for pavers and pool tiles available, please visit the Jeffrey Court catalog here! 

pool made with Jeffrey Court pavers and tiles

Mosaic Series by Bati-Orient 

Established in 2012, Bati-Orient has been a hub of inspiration since day one. They made their mark with innovative mosaic designs and dedication to top-quality service. Over the years, they've continued to evolve and expand their offerings. 

What makes Bati-Orient stand out is their range of mosaic sheets, which fuse materials like natural stone, marble, ceramics, porcelain, glass, metal, wood, and cement.  

The company also knows that lasting beauty is important. That's why they've created products that make cleaning and maintaining your spaces easy, so your interiors and exteriors can stay beautiful for the long haul. 

If you’re planning to renovate or build your outside pool, you need to check out their collections from the Mosaic Series: 

Pebble Mosaics 

Sourced from the picturesque beaches of Bali, pebble mosaics have a fascinating history dating back thousands of years. They were always cherished for their ability to adorn different areas, from bathrooms and terraces to swimming pools and garden paths. 

Pebble mosaics offer a simple yet charming way to introduce nature's beauty into your living spaces. Bati-Orient works with stone, glass, and reconstituted mosaics, which gives clients plenty of options to choose from. 

Both sliced and round pebbles in the collection are naturally sculpted and come in matte and polished finishes. You can also choose between these tones: 

  • Beige 
  • Brown 
  • Gray 
  • Turquoise 
  • Green 

Stone Mosaics 

Crafted from top-notch materials like slate, marble, and limestone, stone mosaics by Bati-Orient offer a warm and inviting touch. You'll find them in soothing beige, cool gray, classic black, and even vibrant green shades. 

Take your pick between a polished shine for a bit of glamour or a matte finish for a subtler, relaxed vibe. When it comes to colors and shapes, the choices are also endless, with arrow shapes, multiple squares interlocking, meshed, and more. 

Glass Mosaics 

Finally, Bati-Orient's glass tiles come in a rainbow of shades like blue, green, black, white, brown, and more. You can pick from different shapes like squares, baguettes, or even leaves to match your style, and most options are available in matte and polished finishes. 

And here's the fun part – the textures! Some have subtle stripes, others sport bold splashes of color, and there are even intricate patterns. 

pool made with Bati Orient tiles

Pool Tiles by Artistry in Mosaics 

Artistry in Mosaics is one of the leading manufacturers of frost-proof, handcrafted tile designs for swimming pools and homes. Their collections feature unique designs, striking colors, and custom options. 

Porcelain and Glass Tiles 

Artistry in Mosaics provides tiles made of sturdy porcelain or shiny glass, both built to last in any weather. Most of their collections take inspiration from the sea, including designs of sea turtles, coral reefs, mermaids, dolphins, and more. 

Pool tiles from Artistry in Mosaics also come in a variety of shades, from calming blues and lush greens to vibrant reds and bright yellows. 

These are some of their popular designs: 

  • Dolphin with Shadow: A 22’’ x 40’’ dolphin swimming to the surface. The design also has the animal’s shadow to give the picture depth and dimension. 
  • Dolphin Group: A 67’’ x 67’’ group of three dolphins and their shadows dancing around a ball. 
  • Flying Fish Set: Four fish with wings in purple and blue tones. Each of them is 7x10 inches. 
  • Gecko Aqua: A 10’’ x 5’’ gecko in green, light-blue, and blue hues. 
  • Monogram Medallion: This 56’’ x 60’’ blue monogram is a sophisticated way to show others who designed the pool or to honor a loved one. The letter you choose will be surrounded by a floral, Rococo design. 

Custom Tile Designs 

Do you want to make a one-of-a-kind pool that stands out from the rest? Artistry in Mosaics offers a custom tile mural service that lets you express yourself. They can help you bring one of your existing ideas to life or brainstorm with you until you get the design you want. 

Their team of designers works with porcelain and glass tiles installation to create your favorite sea creature, a personal logo, or a beautiful mosaic sign. They also consider how the tiles interact with sunlight and water to make your personalized artwork shine. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Pool Tiles 

Crafting the ideal pool tiles involves several important factors to ensure your pool is stylish and practical: 

  • Material Magic: Choose materials like glass, stone, or porcelain tile that can handle the wear and tear of pool life, from chemicals to sun exposure. 
  • Color Crush: Dive into the color palette to find shades that harmonize with your pool's overall look. Lighter colors can open up smaller pools, while deeper hues add a touch of luxury. 
  • Texture Talk: Safety first! Go for tiles with textures that provide grip, reducing the risk of slips around the pool. 
  • Size and Shape Play: Tile size and shape can transform your pool's vibe. Large tiles give a modern feel, while smaller ones allow for intricate patterns. 
  • Low-Maintenance Magic: Choose tiles that look fantastic and are a breeze to clean and maintain, so your pool stays dazzling. 
  • Style Synchronization: Make sure your tile choice matches the overall style of your pool area, whether it's contemporary, tropical, or classic. 
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider environmentally responsible choices that promote sustainability in pool design. 
pool made with Jeffrey Court pool tiles

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