Is Ceramic Tile Healthier Than Other Kinds of Flooring?


Whether you’re redoing your bathroom design in Palm Beach or you’re building a new structure, it’s important to consider how the materials in your home can affect your health. We’ve come a long way from the times when asbestos was common in newly built homes. 

However, some choices are still healthier than others. Today, we want to discuss the many health benefits of ceramic. Air quality, slip resistance, and ease of cleaning make it a great choice for all kinds of people.

Porcelain is an Excellent Choice for Living Room and Bathroom Designs in Palm Beach

It’s Better for Asthmatics and Allergy-Sufferers 

If you have allergies or suffer with asthma, air quality is essential for preventing flare ups. Unfortunately, many flooring materials are porous: particulates cling to them, which reduces the air quality of your home. 

Tile provides an alternative. It’s a nonporous material that’s treated at very high temperatures. While particulates can land on it, these particulates are very easy to clean up. You simply need to use water and a cloth or a mop. 

It’s also not made with: 

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) - While these materials can make people sick, they are found in all kinds of flooring. Ceramic doesn’t have these materials because it’s exposed to high temperatures during its creation, killing off any organic matter 
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) - PVC contains organotin, phthalates, and other substances that can put your health at risk. As the name suggests, it’s often found in vinyl flooring. 

It’s Better for Babies 

Ceramic tile is also an excellent choice for babies, since the hard surface promotes “healthy tummy time,” whereas some other materials are less safe and sanitary to crawl on. 

Sometimes, parents think that carpet is a good idea because it’s soft to crawl on. However, this isn’t the case. Along with being more difficult to clean when babies create a mess, carpet is also even worse for babies than adults, since crawling babies are more likely to kick up particulates.  

In fact, one study found that babies were 8-21 more likely to breathe in “fungal and bacterial particles” than adults. This makes sense when you consider the fact that, along with kicking up more of these particulates, their faces are also closer to the floor. 

It’s Better for the Elderly 

Air quality is also important for seniors. Older adults are at higher risk for problems when exposed to particulate matter, which the US government has linked to “premature death, cardiac arrhythmias... heart attacks, asthma attacks, and the development of chronic bronchitis.” 

Of course, the particulates that a flooring emits aren’t the only problem older adults face. Slip-and-falls are also all too common, with 2,000+ people in the US needing to go to the emergency room for them every day. 

This is especially concerning for people who are retirement-aged, who might have a harder time recovering from a fall. In some cases, if they’re living by themselves, it may be a significant amount of time before anyone discovers they’ve fallen. 

If you’re concerned about this while purchasing tile, know that there’s no reason to worry. 

The tile industry is committed to information and transparency. When you purchase tile, you can find something with a high slip resistance rating. This allows you to ensure you’re on safer footing when walking through your home.

Porcelain Tile is the Health-Friendly Choice for Living Room and Bathroom Designs in Palm Beach

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