Maintaining Your Bathroom Tiles

D&B Tile has been selling bathroom tiles in the Doral area for over 50 years, which means we’ve sometimes seen the same bathrooms go through multiple renovations. Over time, this has allowed us to gain insight into what helps tiles last the longest. Below, you’ll learn how to maintain your tiles to get the greatest value from them. Black and white Bathroom Tiles in Doral

What Is the Best Thing to Clean Tiles With?

There are several different materials you can scrub your bathroom with, including: It’s often best to use the cleaning products recommended by the designer or contractors you’re working with, but soap and water are also typically effective since the pH neutrality means you don’t have to worry about it being too acidic on the material. Along with scrubbing, it can also be useful to vacuum tile, especially when trying to maintain the grout. Removing any excess dirt or other residue makes it easier to scrub away any remaining grime.

How Do You Maintain Bathroom Grout?

Grout is one of the toughest parts of tile to clean, which is why it’s usually a good idea to make sure it’s sealed. If you’re concerned about maintaining your bathroom’s grout, it may be worth looking into purchasing subway tiles, since one of their biggest features is having distinctly thin grout lines. If you’re regularly maintaining your grout, the combination of hot water and a toothbrush is often sufficient for keeping it clean.

How Often Should Bathroom Tile Be Sealed?

How often you need to seal your bathroom tile will vary depending on the brand of sealer you buy, as well as how much use an area is getting. Generally, we recommend re-sealing every one or two years to ensure you don’t leave the tile exposed.

What Happens If I Don’t Seal Bathroom Grout?

Unsealed grout is simply not going to last as long as sealed grout would. Along with being more prone to staining, unsealed grout is also more likely to crack. If you want your bathroom tile to last, sealing should be on your to-do list.

Buy the Right Bathroom Tiles

Aesthetics are often one of the biggest factors people weigh when determining how they want to tile their bathroom. While that makes sense, it’s also useful to be aware of how long a material is designed to last. Ultimately, one of the biggest factors determining how often you need to renovate your bathroom is the materials that you choose. This means that ceramic bathrooms will need to be retiled more frequently than porcelain tiles.

When Should You Replace Your Bathroom Tiles?

While tiles are designed to last, they will sometimes need to be replaced. Stains, cracks, and molding are three of the biggest visual signs to look out for when deciding whether you need to replace the tile. Gray Bathroom Tiles in Doral

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