Meet Mitzie Theodore, Office Manager at D&B Tile of Sunrise

MitzieTheodoreMitzie Theodore is a 10-year employee at D&B Tile Distributors and works in the corporate division at the D&B Tile of Sunrise location. She manages the corporate office and oversees inventory for our nine locations. Born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Mitzie lived briefly in New York before moving to Florida. Prior to D&B, she worked in the health care industry in Tampa. After moving to South Florida, she applied for a position in the Sunrise store and worked her way into middle management. "My normal day in inventory includes verifying that counts are done and making certain that part numbers are correct. It is my responsibility to verify that the inventory reflects what is on the shelf and available for pickup. "I'm still learning the position but find that I use all the experience I have in years prior and apply that to this challenge. I work with store managers at each of our nine locations. If I happen to spot something that isn't correct, we collaborate until we fix the problem. There's good communication between all involved. "The purchasing department determines our quantities in each store. That allows us to maintain proper inventory for what is selling at each location. When I started at D&B, I began with our intercompany transfers. Over the years I became more involved with our intercompany stock and inventory. Now it is more of a broad-based approach. I track incoming and outgoing distribution to the stores. As the company evolved, my job changed to reflect that. It is a challenge and a reward to be able to keep the inventory moving smoothly. "I still consider myself a student of the tile business. The technology is always advancing and giving more options to the consumer. The choices available to our wholesale and retail customers are virtually unlimited. They are better educated and informed, and we have to keep up with their demands. D&B is a recognized leader in this business.When I take a walk through the showroom and see the products available to our customers, it is truly amazing. It is satisfying to work in a place that offers the best tile, marble, and stone in the industry and is known for service after the sale. "I'm grateful for the support I have had in learning this business. It is a continuing process but anytime I have a question, management has always kept their doors open to me. I can ask anyone for help and that includes any department in the company. I clearly see the opportunity to advance my career and to learn. I especially appreciate the fact that suggestions from all employees are considered by management from the sales staff to the warehouse and including the drivers and clerical staff as well. We all bring different ideas to the table, and each is considered. "Finally, I appreciate the family atmosphere that exists here at D&B Tile along with the opportunity to take part in continuing education programs about the industry and specific products. I hope to be here for a very long time."