Most Common Mistakes When Laying Floor Tiles

Laying floor tiles is far from an easy task. When you see tile flooring, you expect it to look perfect, but with so many things to think of during the installation process and so many opportunities for mistakes, getting that perfect tile layout can be fairly difficult. If you’re looking to do tile installation in Doral, you might want to think about turning to experts who are trained to get the best results for your floor. Let’s take a look at some of the more common mistakes you can avoid.

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Cracking Tile

Cracking tile can cause a lot of headaches, especially if you didn’t buy enough to cover for mistakes during the installation process. You can definitely crack or chip tile if you drop it, but you also have to be careful when cutting it for the edges and corners of the room. Cutting tile requires patience as you must do it slowly, especially if it’s a thicker tile. An abrasive saw is also always recommended over one with teeth for less chance of an accidental break.

Lack of Planning

You proudly finish placing the last tile, you take a step back and take in your masterpiece, but then it hits you. Something looks off. A tile floor that is asymmetrical just doesn’t look very pleasing to the eye. This can look even worse if you were aiming for a special type of pattern. If you don’t plan and measure ahead of time, this can unfortunately be something you’re faced with. Make sure to take your time to prevent miscalculations.

Not Having Necessary Tools

Without the proper tools, the tile you install won’t look as good as you’d hope. These are some of the tools needed to complete the job:
  • Trowel
  • Grout float
  • Tile spacers
  • Level

Uneven Placement

Uneven tiles can be just as infuriating as asymmetrical placement. There’s nothing quite like the awful feeling of walking on uneven tile. This can happen if you rush with the spreading of the mortar, leaving some tile lifted more on one side than the other. When you’re spreading mortar, taking your time is the key, along with having a trowel that’s the proper size. The common rule is to make sure it’s the same size as the tile you’re placing.

Not Enough Tile

Not having enough tile won’t be devastating to your tile installation plans, however it will add a lot of unnecessary stress and time lost since you will have to order more. Make sure to properly measure the space beforehand and buy more than the exact amount you’ll need to fully cover the floor. A tile calculator can be very useful for purchasing the proper amount. This will save you if you need extra tile as replacements for mistakes or for cutting.

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Looking for Expert Tile Installation in Doral?

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