4 Reasons You Should Be Using Porcelain Tile in Your Home

Is it time to remodel your home? Maybe you recently purchased a new place, and the previous owner thought some cheap laminate would be a good idea? There are thousands of tile options, and just finding the design you like can be overwhelming, let alone trying to figure out which material to choose. Well, the experts at D&B Tile Distributors are here to make your life a little easier. You might have picked up that we are pretty big fans of porcelain tile in West Palm Beach, now let us break down why this type of tile is likely the best choice for your home. what is floor tiles pompano?

But First, What is a Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tiles are made from clay compounds that are hardened and shaped through a kiln-fired process. Porcelain tile shares many similarities with ceramic tiles because they are made in nearly identical ways. The key difference comes in the form of material and production methods, making porcelain a specialized type for ceramic that happens to be more durable.
  1. Porcelain Tile is Versatile

The production methods used to make porcelain tile in West Palm Beach allows for a wide range of design options. You choose modern or traditional looks and even choose designs that resemble natural materials like bamboo, granite, or cork!
  1. Porcelain is a Durable Material

Porcelain is inherently durable and withstand the long-term wear and tear of high traffic areas. What's more, a porcelain tile can be as durable as you need it to be. So if you're installing this tile outside, you don't have to settle for indoor tile that might be less apt to sustain environmental hazards.
  1. Almost Zero Water Absorption

Florida residents know how problematic heavy rain and humidity can be to your home décor. Some materials used for tile can be porous and absorbent, meaning they quickly deteriorate and are more prone to breakage over time. You can avoid this issue entirely with porcelain tile in West Palm Beach as just about all porcelain tiles have an absorption rate of 0.5% or lower. This means your flooring will be resistant to warping and last much longer than other options.
  1. You Can Avoid Noticeable Imperfections

So, we kind of cheated with this one because it also speaks to porcelain tile durability. Thanks to the kiln-fire process, porcelain ends up being uniform in color and body composition. You add that to the density and hardness of the material, and suddenly you have tile that is hard to break; it also makes small chips and imperfections harder to see. This is one of the biggest reasons why porcelain tile has become increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor use. who sells the best porcelain tile miami?

Are You Looking for Porcelain Tile in West Palm Beach for Your Home?

With decades of experience in the tile industry and thousands of tile products' selections, it's not hard to see why you'll find the premier experts in all things tile at D&B Tile Distributors. Whether you are looking to shop or learn more about your tile options, get in touch with us today, and let us help you turn your vision into a reality. Book an appointment with us today to get started.