Are You Really Purchasing Porcelain Tile?

The tile industry is discovering that manufacturers from some parts of the world are labeling their tile as "porcelain" when it does not meet the completespecifications for that label. According to ANSI classifications, many tile products labeled as "porcelain" are actually not. So, what exactly is "porcelain tile?"

First of all, true porcelain tile has aWater Absorption Rate of less than .5% and the following characteristics:

  • Through Body Bisque (Bodyhomogeneousmix)
  • Color Through Body Bisque (Inkjet technology is used to create thefinal appearance and texture)
  • Glazed Bisque (Glazed surface covers the body)
  • Wide range of Sizes
  • Many Textures, Mosaics and Trims
  • It is easier to install, clean and maintain than any surfacing material
  • It has more design options than any other man made surfacing material
  • It has the longest life expectancy and lowest life cycle cost.

Marvel PRO combines the excellent interpretation of natural marble and the technical features and functional advantages of the best porcelain floors and white-body wall tiles by Atlas Concorde.

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