Ray Ammeraal, Jr.

Employee Profile

When you spend a minute with Ray Ammeraal, Jr. from the Orlando store, you realize you are dealing with a person with a wide range of experience and a dedicated employee. He is quick to point out that his job with D&B, "Is the best job I ever had." That speaks volumes since he worked in county government for 13 years, auto body work for 10 years, spent 11 years at Winn-Dixie, five years as a weatherman for the U.S. Army with tours in Kansas and Alaska and on top of that was a volunteer fireman for 23 years.

Recognized as the recipient of the Iron Man Award at D&B's December holiday party, Ray claims he treats D&B like it is his own business. "A typical day for me here starts at 7 am and ends around 6:30 pm when my wife picks me up. I do a little bit of everything from customer service, warehouse, inventory and transfers. Whatever needs to be done, they call me. In fact, I save the company $500 a month by simply turning off the lights in the warehouse."

Ray is married. His 23-year-old son Brad and 25-year-old daughter Alissa live at home. A self-described "country boy" he lives 24 minutes from work and formerly lived in Astatula in North Lake County near Sugarload Mountain. He enjoys fishing and gardening.

Ray we appreciate your devotion to the company and your enthusiasm. Don't plan on going anywhere for a long time.