What are the Best Types of Rocks and Sand for Landscaping?

Outdoor landscaping is an essential part of being a homeowner. Who doesn’t love the sight of a beautiful green lawn that is perfectly accented by landscaped bushes, flowers, and plants? But, a lot of people forget about what goes under that greenery — rocks, sand, and soil. The materials that go into your landscaping can be the difference between your plants thriving for seasons to come or wilting away before they even had a chance! Don’t worry though – we’re here to help guide you through the right choices for what you are looking to accomplish. Let’s take a look at the different rocks and sand used in landscaping projects: where can I get rocks and sand for landscaping palmetto bay?

Rocks to Use in Landscaping

Rocks for Drainage

Drainage is never the first thing that comes to mind when planning out a flower bed or landscaping against your house. However, it can truly be make or break. Having improper drainage can damage not only your plants, which require a certain amount of water, but also your home. That is why so many people use landscaping rocks for drainage purposes. Rocks allow for the colors of your greenery to pop against a neutral foundation and act as a buffer if you accidentally overwater. If you are putting something in an area with traditionally poor drainage, utilizing rocks will allow excess water to flow to your lawn or other areas and prevent it from pooling.


One of the more popular types of rocks used in landscaping is Chattahoochee rock. Chances are you have come across this stone already in your everyday life. It is prevalent to use in driveways and walkways and is an excellent way to add color and texture to an outdoor space.

Lime Rock

Much like Chattahoochee rock, lime rock is relatively common and has a wide range of applications. Made from limestone, these rocks are usually used for drainage in landscaping, driveways, filling deep over-digs, and used under things like porches. Some people believe that limestone is the best material to use in landscaping projects because it serves every purpose you could want. It looks great, allows for the best drainage, your greenery or flowers will pop against its blank background, and it will last you a long time. If you are looking for a stone to use in your next landscaping project, chances are lime rock might be a great fit!

Using Sand in Landscaping

Concrete Sand

Did you know that not all sand is created equal? Just because it’s finely ground stone doesn’t mean it can serve the same purpose as other sand types. Some sands can be finely packed and stay that way while others are loose and more granular in nature. Some sands serve a specific purpose, and that is why they are used in landscaping. This is where concrete sand comes into play. Given that it’s made up of angular granules that can be tightly packed, it’s ideal for being put under certain pavements and walkways. If you are laying down a stone path, it’s time to consider a layer of concrete sand under it to stabilize it.

Mason Sand

Much like concrete sand, mason sand is highly versatile and can be used alongside pavers and other narrow spaces. Its fineness allows it to be used for an array of situations with a variety of plants. It’s important to note the most significant difference between mason sand and concrete sand, and that’s the fact that mason sand is more processed. It is finer and more crushed, but it is also screened and washed too. This allows it to be used in mixed concrete for blocks if need be. All in all, if you are looking for sand that can do a little bit of everything, mason sand is for you.

Looking for the Best Rocks and Sand for Your Next Landscaping Project?

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