Sanctuary Wall with Shell Reef Brushed Stone from D&B

Tropical Sands Christian Church was founded on July 6, 1958. It is located on Burns Road in northeastern Palm Beach County and is known for its heart for outreach, mission and community service. In need of an update to their Sanctuary, Rev. Christine Bandy-Helderman, Senior Minister, turned to Mickey McCown with Coastline Enterprises (General Contractor) and Suzi Addessa Design for help on the project. According to Mickey McCown with Coastline Building Enterprises, “I have worked with D&B for quite some time, mostly with the store in West Palm Beach. They are great people to work with. We like their wide selection of products and service after the sale. We subcontracted the installation to Accurate Tile & Marble, West Palm Beach. “The Sanctuary wall was an exterior structure. We wire lathed it, applied a mud coat and attached the stone to it. Everything went perfectly. There were no problems. “We used globally sourced 12x24 and 18x18 Shell Reef Brushed Stone from D&B Tile’s West Palm Beach Store. Designer Suzi Addessa put together a sample board for us. She showed us the stone, fabric, flooring, and paint. That presentation was made to the governing board and the decision was unanimous. We started the renovation and then moved into the Sanctuary. The project is complete for the moment but more work may come later.” According to Rev. Bandy-Helderman, “This is my first opportunity to work with Suzi Addessa but I’m well aware of her creativity and design from another church. Everything went even better than planned. I’m not familiar with the contracting industry but trusted her to make the recommendations. Suzi and I were friends as well. I knew her from another church. Our church was built in 1976 and remodeled in 1982 and again in 1992. I told Suzi I wanted her to show us what the church could become. This is before we had the ok to start. I wanted to see Suzi’s vision for the project.” To see these stones and other tiles, marble and stone from America and around the world, visit any of D&B’s eight conveniently located stores throughout South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.