Sebring Dealerships Feature's Crossville from D&B Tile

Ford white truck

There was 12,00 sq/ft of Crossville Cross Colors installed

in the outside display and service areas at the Ford dealership

Sebring is a small town in south central Florida mostly known mostly for hosting the International Twelve Hour Gran Prix Endurance Race. The race is entering its 65th year in 2017 and is the oldest event of its kind in the United States. For approximately a week each spring, the air is filled with sights and sounds of exotic sports cars and international celebrities. Following that spectacle, life resumes its slower pace with a large population of retirees.

We spoke with Tom Morgan, who formerly owned a tile business in Pompano Beach before going to work with D&B Tile. He became a long- time employee at D&B Tile and “retired” to Sebring. He was contacted by D&B Tile and offered the territory that included the Sebring area. His two most recent projects include two car dealerships in Sebring owned by Alan Jay. Tom worked with Bevis Construction on the dealerships, both of which were recently completed.

Ford tire section

“Both the Ford and Toyota dealerships were national accounts, which means that their corporate office specified the tile to be used. I was called by Bevis Construction and asked to provide samples, which were delivered to the dealer. For the Ford dealership they chose the Crossville Cross Colors line of slate. They ordered 12,000 sq./ft. for the outside areas, including the outdoor showroom and customer service area. Because it was subject to rain, they chose a tile with a high slip resistance factor. We provided tile for the front steps, showroom, service area and bay area.

Sebring Toyota Showroom

The Toyota showroom area features 14,000 sq/ft of Crossville Empire Caudet high gloss tile.

Sebring Toyota Showroom area“They had a problem with the concrete slab, which was not level. The floor had to be floated. It was 150x60 feet. I contacted Pat Marklin to do the installation. After the area was leveled, there was no problem with the installation. Alan Jay, who owns every dealership in Sebring, was concerned about cleaning the area. He actually bought a small Zamboni to scrub the tile in the maintenance area.

“Then the owner decided to rebuild his Toyota dealership. The old building was demolished and the contractor erected a completely new building. This job included 14,000 sq. /ft. of 24x24 Crossville Empire Caudet. The owner had seen another dealership with high gloss tile in the showroom. I contacted the other dealership and showed samples of the tile used. In addition to the showroom, there is 3000 sq. /ft. of Crossville’s Corsican Cream tile in two bathrooms.

“His next project will Sebring Toyota bathroombe remodeling another Ford dealership in Wauchula. That will be followed by a Chevrolet dealership in the same town. The General Motors dealerships are not on a national account basis, so we will have to sell the job from scratch.

“I have a large church project coming up along with a hospital fitness center both with Vevis Construction.” Tom moved to Sebring to retire but has developed an active third career while being able to enjoy golf and retirement. To see any of the tiles shown here, visit any of the nine convenient showroom locations of D&B Tile in south Florida. Remember that Crossville is an exclusive line with D&B Tile and the first step to a beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.