The History of Ceramic Tiles

The history of ceramic tiling is bound to the history of ceramic art. Many cultures have a dense history of beautiful poetry, sculptures, and especially tile making. Tile stores in Hollywood, Florida, are the best places to go to make quality upgrades to your home. With tiles being found from the ancient Romans, what came first, the Roman or the tile? tile from Tile Stores Hollywood Florida

The True Origin of Ceramic Tiling

While the Babylonians, Egyptians, Etruscans, and Assyrians had a penchant for adorning their halls with ornate tiles, the Chinese pioneered the practice. Their first tiles were small, plain white tiles, which came after discovering a taste for ceramic pottery. These dull tiles didn't last long, as they soon began to paint breathtaking patterns. The greatest standing wonders of ceramic art (San Paolo convent tiles, the three-footed ewer, Pasha Mosque, etc.) have their patterns based on Ancient Chinese tiles that have weathered on for 18,000 years. That's correct; archeologists are still finding ceramic relics that date back over eight thousand years! The Egyptians not only invented ceramic tiles, but they perfected their production of them. It is an incredible engineering feat to construct a tile that is durable and resilient.

How Tiles Are Made: Then and Now

The Ancient Chinese technique involved shaping the earth/water mix by hand into whatever shape and size were needed. Once shaped, it is placed in the sun to dry. However, the tiles can't get thoroughly dry and harden in the sun, meaning they needed to be heated over an open fire. Eight thousand years later, in 8,000 BC, the Egyptians improved the process slightly, which was then adopted by the Romans closer to year zero. They, too, used the sun's heat to dry tiles, but the Egyptians used a kiln to cook them much faster and more efficiently than an open flame. Ancient kilns are the predecessors of modern-day ovens. Today has seen a shift from handmade tiles to machine-made ones. Modern technology has nearly automated the process, yet you can still find niche vendors that sell artisan tiles. Large-scale production today still uses kilns, except the use is on a much grander scale.

How to Furnish with Ceramics

Make your home look sophisticated by adorning it in a wide variety of ways that could include:
  • Pottery
  • Sculptures
  • Flooring
  • Backsplashes
  • Ceilings
Every space in your home can earn a facelift with ceramic tiles. For one of the most compelling instances of ceramic tiles you'll see, check out the Blue Mosque in Mazar-e Sharif. It is adorned from floor to high arching ceiling with blue, green, and purple ceramic tiles.

From Bath to Kitchen

No matter your style or budget, ceramic tiles are diverse enough to please your eyes and pocket. Not only that but tiling with ceramic saves time in the long run due to easy upkeep. Whether it's in your shower or kitchen, glazed tiles are water-resistant and repel allergens such as dirt, dander, hair, and pollen.

Porcelain: The Newest Technology in Tiling

As with all technology, a newer and better model will come along eventually. The newest member of the tile family is porcelain. These tiles often hold up better than ceramic tiles over long periods of wear and tear. Consider upgrading your outdated tiling with porcelain, you’ll be glad you did! tile from Tile Stores Hollywood Florida

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